Best Glasgow Nightlife for Students

Monday, 26 Aug 2019

Best Glasgow Nightlife for Students

We’ve written this blog on the best Glasgow nightlife for students because, with more than 700 pubs and nightclubs in the city, being ahead of the game and knowing the right ones to go to is a plus if you are attending one of Glasgow’s universities. As the largest city in Scotland and one of Europe’s drinking capitals, you will not be lacking nightlife spots in Glasgow. The nightlife in Glasgow has actually been reported to be one of the greatest lifestyle elements in the city for millennials. Obviously the university you go to and what you study is important, too, but all students love to party!


A rock-chic club that has been up and running and playing the best funk, punk ‘n’ roll, and disco music in Glasgow since 2001. We mustn’t fail to mention the fact that you can get a drink here every Thursday for just 89p at their club night Camden Rocks! You can then go back for seconds, if you’re not feeling too fragile, as every Friday night, they have more drinks promos and DJs playing the likes of Abba, Beyoncé, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, and many more classics for you to sing and dance to as you head into the weekend.

The Garage 

This is not only the biggest nightclub in Glasgow, but the biggest in Scotland. It first opened back in 1994 and, since then, artists and bands like Marylin Manson, Paolo Nutini, Biffy Clyro, The Kaiser Chiefs and One Direction have played in it. For two years in a row The Garage has been awarded with the title of Best Late-Night Venue. It is no wonder, as it is open 7 nights of the week, has 6 club rooms, and runs club nights with cracking drinks deals and promotions. There are bouncy castles, beer pong competitions, cocktail buckets, cheesy classics and lots of other music. Plus, on club nights, drinks start at just £1.


This pub is right next to Strathclyde University. If you’re interested in watching sports or just soaking up the good atmosphere when the football is on, they have a beer garden and the biggest sports screen in the city. Its beer garden makes it a great spot for a summer evening after university or for some day-time drinks in the sun. It also has lots of mid-week deals on drink and food, and also events like pub quizzes with giveaways and competitions. There is a loyalty card called More Monday. If you use this on Mondays you can build up your points and be rewarded with free food and drink. You can call into the pub anytime and pick up a card for free.

Nice N Sleazy 

Whether you want a live gig or a club night, you can have both at Nice N Sleazy, and there are lots of drinks deals too. From Sunday-Thursday selected spirits are £2.75, selected beer and cider are £3, and shots are £1. The venue itself is quite retro chic with hip and funky vibes, as they play the best of funk, disco, alternative, indie, and soulful music. There are gigs and other events happening almost every night of the week, so keep an eye on the events section of their Facebook page.

Vodka Wodka

Yes, you may think from the name that this is just a vodka bar, and, with over 70 vodkas from around the world, you wouldn’t be wrong. However, many also flock here for the fine and fancy cocktails for only £3.90 ‒ from cocktail classics, to cocktail slushies, and cocktails that they set on fire at the bar! They have other mid-week deals – like spirits for £2 and pints for £3. With the bar being just around the corner from the University of Glasgow, it is a great spot to pop in to for some cheap drinks after class and pre-drinks before clubbing.

Thinking about and planning your nights out is exciting, but obviously there are the less fun things to do when starting university. Whether it's sorting your accommodation and getting all of your things packed and sent to wherever you are staying. However, sending your luggage is easy and cheap through our student shipping service.

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