Collection Time Windows Arrive

Monday, 23 Feb 2015

UK & USA collection window trials.

At SendMyBag we're constantly rolling out new features, some you may notice, some you may not, but it's rare for 48hours to pass without something new appearing.

We generally prefer the experience to speak for itself but we couldn't let the addition of collection windows go by unmarked.

As a company our goal is to make your travel experience hassle free and we recognise that waiting for a collection is just not fun! 

We'll not go into great detail but suffice to say it's extremely important that a driver collects all items in an area on any given day and in order for this to be achieved the route must be planned efficiently, this makes offering collection times without using additional drivers and increasing charges quite complicated.

We've spent the last few months secretly assigning collection times and collecting a lot of data, we've now combined this data with courier partner postcode based information and created collection windows on UK and USA routes.

Today we're announcing the launch of our collection time window live trials, we can't yet guarantee every single collection will take place within the windows but the more people who take part the more data we can collect and we hope to offer guaranteed collection times later this year.

To take part you simply need to send an item from the UK or USA, the option to pick a collection window will now appear during booking.

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