Best Day Trips from London

Thursday, 3 Nov 2016

Best Day Trips London

Although London is a city jam-packed with things to see and do, there are also numerous locations that are well worth a visit as a day trip from London. Send My Bag has chosen its top five day trip destinations that are only an hour or two from London.

  1. For History Lovers: Stonehenge

    Take a day trip from London that allows you to experience ancient history, by visiting Stonehenge in the county of Wiltshire, two hours southwest of London. Stonehenge consists of several giant rectangular rocks that were placed in a circular arrangement by prehistoric Britons. This may not sound like much, but faced with the size of these rocks, you will be amazed at the feat of human strength that must have been required to transport and position them. You can learn about the history of the stone circle at the attraction’s visitor centre, where a café and shop are also available. It is recommended that you book your ticket to visit Stonehenge in advance in order to guarantee entry. For more destinations suited to history lovers, read our guide to the 'Top Five European Destinations for History Lovers'.

  2. For Nature Lovers: The New Forest National Park

    Not far from Stonehenge is the New Forest National Park, which makes another excellent day trip from London. This is a large area of land encompassing woodland and heathland. Once a royal hunting ground, the park offers numerous walking, cycling and horse riding routes. Why not take a stroll through Blackwater Arboretum, the Keyhaven Marshes, or Bolderwood, where you can view herds of deer. There are also many picturesque villages within the New Forest where you could stop off for a cup of tea. Other attractions in the region include Beaulieu,home of the National Motor Museum, and Exbury Gardens, with its amazing collection of floriferous shrubs, and the added bonus of a miniature railway.

  3. For Architecture Buffs: Oxford

    Why not visit the university city of Oxford. It's only 1 ½ hours northwest of the capital (or 1 hour by train), making it a very doable day trip from London. It is because of the architecture of Oxford University’s colleges that the city was nicknamed the ‘City of Dreaming Spires’. The most picturesque colleges can be found in the city centre, within short walking distance of each other, including Balliol, Brasenose, and Magdalen Colleges. Harry Potter fans should make sure they visit Christ Church College, whose dining hall was replicated by Warner Bros in their London studios. Other striking buildings include the Sheldonian Theatre, where graduation and matriculation (joining) ceremonies are conducted by the University, and the Radcliffe Camera, which houses the History Faculty Library. When you aren’t admiring the city’s buildings, you can visit the Museum of Natural History and the fascinating Pitt Rivers Museum, with its hordes of archaeological and ethnographical objects from around the world.

  4. For the Kids: Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour

    Twenty miles northwest of London is the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour, which houses loads of props, costumes and sets used in the filming of the Harry Potter series. Visitors can walk down Diagon Alley, see the Great Hall, and knock on the door of number four, Privet Drive. You can also have a glass of Butterbeer and take a ride on a broomstick using green screen technology. Tickets for the tour must be purchased in advance, and are not available for purchase on site. Prices vary according to the timing of your visit.

  5. For Big Kids: Bekonscot Model Village and Railway

    If you are a big kid at heart, you will love the Bekonscot Model Village and Railway, in Beaconsfield (just over half an hour by train from London). This is the oldest model village in the world and boasts over 200 buildings, 3000 inhabitants and 1000 animals, plus 450 metres of railway track weaving through the village. The village is actually made up of six 1930s towns each with their own special features, such as coal mines and racecourses. Kids can also enjoy the attraction’s dedicated play area and fun ride-on railway.

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