Face Masks on Aircraft Could be Required Under US Law

Thursday, 18 Jun 2020

Face Masks on Aircraft Could be Required Under US Law

A senator is seeking bipartisan support for legislation that would make the wearing of face masks on US aircraft compulsory for travellers.

Most airlines in the US require passengers to wear a face covering but it is understood that some passengers are failing to comply, and cabin crew members have avoided strict enforcement of the policy over fear of disruption to flights.

Speaking of the issue, the US senator said “I don’t understand why we are going with a private sector-driven approach” referencing the fact that each individual airline has their own policy.

The head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has refused to declare masks as mandatory but expects passengers to follow the guidance and rules of each airline. He further explained that he believes the FAA does not to have the authority to enforce mask use and argues that it falls under the public health remit of the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention.

Earlier this week, United Airlines and other carriers represented by Airlines for America (A4A), announced they would be strengthening their face covering policy. Those failing to comply will face serious consequences and could possibly find themselves banned from flying with the according carrier.  

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