Frontier Makes Passengers Pay to Keep Middle Seat Free

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Frontier Makes Passengers Pay to Keep Middle Seat Free

Frontier Airlines in the USA have become the latest airline to announce that all passengers will be required to wear a face covering for the duration of their journey, this includes both in the airport and whilst on board the aircraft.

Starting May 8 Frontier customers can also book an aisle or window seat in a “More Room” row which guarantees that the adjacent middle seat will be left vacant. Customers will, however, be required to pay an additional fee.

According to the airline the “nearly 21 inches of separation” achieved by leaving the middle seat empty will provide customers with “extra peace of mind or simply added comfort,”. For those seeking even further comfort, the first 3 rows are Stretch seats which provide extra legroom and a recline function.

Frontier had previously committed to blocking alternating rows for pre-selection but during busier flights customers may find themselves being required to fill these rows. Therefore, the only guaranteed way to ensure social distancing on board a Frontier flight is to pay for a More Room ticket. 

Prices for More Room seats start from $39 but vary depending on route, the Stretch seats start at $79.  

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