Italy Bans Hand Luggage on All Flights

Tuesday, 30 Jun 2020

Italy Bans Hand Luggage on All Flights

Italy has announced they will be banning all hand luggage on flights to, from, and within the country from 26 July.

The rule was announced on 11 June, but it was thought it would only apply to large pieces of luggage. However, the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) has now clarified that the use of overhead lockers for any type of luggage is completely prohibited.

The measure has been introduced to protect the “health” of passengers, with the thinking being that passengers use of overhead lockers could congest aisles and cause crowds during boarding and disembarking.

It is possible to place small items and handbags under the seat in front of you, but all items deemed too large must be checked into the hold. ENAC has confirmed that passengers will not need to pay a fee. 

All long-haul and short-haul flights will be following this ruling with UK based airline easyJet stating, “Due to latest guidelines from the Italian aviation authority, the use of overhead lockers will not be allowed anymore in any flights to, from and within Italy,”. EasyJet currently has bases in Venice, Milan and Palermo.

Expecting longer queue times at check in as a result of the measure, easyJet urges customers to arrive to all airports well ahead of scheduled departure.

The Italian authorities have ruled that a few other measures have been dropped including social distancing guidelines on aircraft stating that passengers should be seated at least a metre apart. All planes equipped with a HEPA filter will be permitted to fly into and out of the country at full capacity.  

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