Luggage Shipping for International Aid Workers and Military Personnel

Thursday, 20 Oct 2016

Aid Workers and Military

Life as an international aid worker or as military personnel working abroad comes with many rewards but also many challenges. The satisfaction of helping people in need, of working to secure peace and to protect civilians in war-torn countries is what encourages many to adopt this way of life.

Yet, it comes at the cost of being away from home and loved ones. Special occasions and milestones in the life of your family can be missed while on active duty abroad and your partner may have to deal with domestic issues on their own. Short contracts mean that you are often travelling back and forth between home and different job locations, leading to a lack of stability and job security. Often, working in developing countries also means you are deprived of the home comforts you are used to, such as running water, electricity and internet, which makes it difficult to keep in touch with home.

Why Use Send My Bag?

In order to make your life abroad that little bit easier, why not use the services of Send My Bag to ship your luggage from home to your destination? This means that you can bring more than standard airline baggage allowances and avoid the stress of having to pay excess baggage fees at the airport. It also means you can avoid waiting around for your bags at luggage carousels and dragging loads of luggage onto public or agency transport that may be less than comfortable at the best of times. Having your possessions around you can help make a home out of agency or military accommodation. Using Send My Bag also means that you don’t need to worry about fitting into your luggage any souvenirs you have accumulated while abroad.

You can also use Send My Bag to keep in touch with home by sending gifts. Living abroad doesn’t mean you have to miss giving gifts on special occasions, or that you need to restrict yourself to only tiny items. Why not send home a sample of the local produce and educate younger members of your family about other countries. This could make an interesting Christmas or birthday gift – something a bit different. This is also a chance to give your family a hand-written letter updating them on your news.

Send My Bag also helps concerned family members at home send you care packages to help ease any homesickness you might experience. Treats from home will make all the difference after a tough day at work.

Send My Bag has many international routes, with a great-value flat rate for each route up to a massive 30 kg. This means that you can bring your favourite clothes, books and treats to quickly help you set up home abroad.

Routes to The Middle East Include:

UK to Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, to name but a few.

Routes to Africa Include:

UK to Angola, Botswana and Sierra Leone, among many others.

Check out our 'How it Works' page or our 'FAQs' to learn more about international luggage shipping with Send My Bag.

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