Most Affordable Student Areas in the UK

Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020

Most Affordable Student Areas in the UK

Affordability is a key thing to consider at university when you are living in student accommodation and have the joy of paying rent and bills. For this reason, students love bargains. Whether it’s drink deals at bars, cheap places to eat or discount on things like the cinema.

A credit report website Totally Money released a report of the most affordable places for students in the UK. They took Times Higher Education top 50 universities in the UK and analysed student expenses in the university area. Some of the expenses that Totally Money looked at included rent, the cost of a meal, a coffee, a pint, a cinema ticket, and a taxi. Send My Bag have included the top 10 most affordable university areas in this blog. 

1. Bangor, North Wales

North Wales ranking as the most affordable area for students is based on Totally Money’s analysis of student expenses for those attending Bangor University. Totally Money found that rent for student accommodation at Bangor university costs £83 per week. Bangor also has the cheapest meal and cheapest drinks – you can get a meal for two for as little as £10, a coffee for £2.55 and a pint at the local Wetherspoons for just £2.09. 

2. Nottingham

Totally Money found that the University of Nottingham has the cheapest gym membership for students, at just £10.49 per month. If you are more interested in having a pint and a kebab than heading to the gym, a pint at Wetherspoons will only cost £2.25 and a kebab is as cheap as £4.80. 

3. Manchester

The University of Manchester has academic excellence as well as affordability, as Times Higher Education ranked it in the top 10 universities in the UK in 2019. Totally Money found that the university of Manchester has the cheapest student accommodation, with rent costing £75 per week. Therefore, you’ve got more money to spend on things like the cinema and dinner dates. A meal for two in Manchester costs approximately £12 – for some inspiration on where to go for a cheap meal check out our blog on the cheapest places to eat in Manchester

4. Leicester

The weekly price of rent for student accommodation at the university of Leicester is amongst the lowest at £85 per week. The student area around Leicester is also one of cheapest places for a meal for two, which you can find for just £11. More good news – if you overindulge on your dinner you have no excuse not to go to the gym as a student membership will cost you only £11. 

5. Sheffield

Times Higher Education ranked the University of Sheffield in the top 20 UK universities. Pints in Sheffield will set you back only £2.35 while a kebab at the end of the night will cost £4.50.

6. Birmingham 

The University of Birmingham ranked in 14th position by Times Higher Education in their list of the top 100 universities in the UK. Birmingham is also at the top of the list for student affordability. You can get a meal for two in Birmingham for £12 and you can also have a cheap night out as a pint will cost you as little as £2.49. Check out our blog on the cheapest places to eat in Birmingham and where to go on a night out in Birmingham for cheap drinks. 

7. Aberystwyth 

Aberystwyth is a little town in Wales and Aberystwyth University is one of the UK’s smaller universities. However, the university has received many rewards for its academic excellence and student experience. It was awarded university of the year for teaching quality by the 2019 good university guide, 2nd overall university of the year by What Uni student choice awards 2019, and has been ranked in the top 40 UK universities by Times Higher Education. Pair its academic excellence with its student affordability and you’ve got the perfect combination.

8. Warwick

Totally Money found that the weekly price of rent for student accommodation at the University of Warwick is amongst the lowest at £75 per week. Going to the gym here is more expensive than other universities with a student membership costing £32.  

9. Swansea

The weekly price of rent for student accommodation at Swansea University is slightly on the higher scale at £91. However, Totally Money found that you can have a meal for two for £11, a pint for £2.19, and a coffee for £2.60. In the 2019 national student survey, Swansea University ranked in the top 10 universities for student satisfaction. 

10. Lancaster

Totally Money reported that the weekly price of rent for student accommodation at Lancaster University is on the pricier side at £92. However, a coffee and a pint are cheaper in the Lancaster student area than most of the other student areas – great news for when you are wanting a study break or for setting up your remote learning hub.

What a university in the UK can offer you in terms of academics is obviously important but cheap coffee, food, and pints are also up there with the list of great things about where you go to university. If you are at university in any of these areas, our door-to-door student shipping service is the most affordable option for sending your things to and from university.

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