The Pros and Cons of Taking a Cruise

Friday, 3 Mar 2017


A cruise may represent a dream holiday for many, conjuring images of crystal blue seas, stunning sunsets and unrivalled luxury. For others, a cruise suggests cramped living conditions, sea sickness and tacky entertainment. For those of you trying to decide whether or not a cruise is right for you, Send My Bag has put together some pros and cons for you to consider:


  • You get to visit a number of different places without having to constantly change hotel or take lengthy day trips out from your hotel – instead, your hotel comes with you.
  • You can leave the planning to someone else. Once you are on board, when and where you stop, what you eat and your entertainment are in the hands of the crew.
  • There is always some form of entertainment on the go to keep you busy.
  • You get to see beautiful seascapes and can watch the sunset every night with an uninterrupted view.
  • You can make new friends. No need to fear running out of conversation with your travel companion, as there is a whole ship full of other people to get talking to.


  • You don’t know how good the food, accommodation or entertainment will be until you are far out at sea.
  • You may only have a few hours to visit each port of call, which may not be long enough to visit all the sights you want to see.
  • You are inevitably stuck with other people. When you go sightseeing, this will likely be with a hoard of other people.
  • You may be forced to be sociable when you would rather not.
  • Small rooms mean you will probably feel too claustrophobic to do much more than sleep there – so no calming space of your own to retreat to.

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