Ryanair Extends Limited Flight Schedule

Monday, 27 Apr 2020

Ryanair Extends Limited Flight Schedule

Low-cost airline Ryanair has today extended its limited flight schedule until May 14. Around 99% of its fleet remain grounded at airports and only the following select few flights remain operational:

To / from Ireland:

  • Dublin to Stansted, Gatwick, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester, Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Lisbon and Cologne
  • Cork to Stansted

To / from the UK:

  • Stansted to Dublin, Eindhoven, Lisbon, Cork, Berlin and Budapest
  • Gatwick to Dublin
  • Birmingham to Dublin
  • Edinburgh to Dublin
  • Bristol to Dublin
  • Glasgow to Dublin
  • Manchester to Dublin

Social distancing is being easily followed on these flights due to the very low number of passengers and the aircraft are being disinfected daily. Earlier this week the CEO of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, announced his planes would not fly if forced to leave middle seats empty; a measure he believes to be “idiotic”.   

Main rivals easyJet also grounded their entire fleet toward the end of March with there still being no sign of when commercial flights will return, though it is widely expected to be after the lockdown in the UK is eased. Meanwhile, budget airline Wizz Air have announced they will restart a number of routes from Luton this week.  

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