Send My Wedding: Gain Peace of (Pre-Marital) Mind and Some Superb Savings

Wednesday, 20 Jun 2018

Send My Wedding

Planning a wedding abroad? There are one hundred and one things to do – we understand, we’ve helped thousands of customers on their big day – and they can all add up. Who knew you have to pay for an extra seat for a wedding dress on most airlines?!

In the last few years we’ve noticed a rise in the number of couples heading abroad to get value for money and a more exotic backdrop for their wedding. After you choose the perfect location for your big day, you will no doubt start to think about logistics and what you will need to bring from home and what you can source abroad.

But before stress gets in the way of the big day abroad, know that Send My Bag can take the hassle away and send your wedding for you.

Enter Send My Wedding. Our door-to-door delivery service means you can rest assured that your dress, baggage, wedding extras and supplies will be shipped to you quickly and efficiently ahead of the big day, instead of you having to pay over-the-odds for extra plane tickets and excess hold luggage. You will also be able to track your bag every step of the way via the real-time app. The service will also make your life easier as you head off on your honeymoon, getting your gifts, decorations and clothes safely back home for when you return.

Before the Wedding:
Send My Wedding

If you’re having your wedding in Europe – or anywhere that requires a plane journey – you’ll have a lot to bring with you. The chances are that you will be travelling with so-called ‘budget’ airlines like Ryanair and easyJet, so beware the hidden costs when it comes to your baggage. Plan for this ahead of time and always, always read the small print.

Many couples opt out of having a wedding planner, so, as well as wedding essentials, may have to bring all their decorations on board, such as fairy lights, Mr & Mrs signs, wedding favours (anything that might not be accessible at the destination). If your wedding is going to be in a remote location, bear in mind that it will be much more difficult to get everything from point A to point B. The weight of those fairy lights really starts to add up after several hours’ worth of public transport in an unknown country! Send My Bag can take away this added stress and ensure that everything you need will arrive in time.

If you are checking in multiple bags, Send My Bag can significantly lower the shipping cost for you and make your life easier by taking all of those cumbersome extra items off of your hands. If you are having your items shipped to the venue, you must also consider customs taxes. Send My Bag has pre-clearance processes set up with a number of countries worldwide, reducing your customs time to zero. We also work with authorities around the world to ensure your personal effects are not incorrectly taxed.  

The Dress:
Send My Wedding

Let’s face it – is there any cargo more precious than this?! Wedding dresses are delicate, deceptively heavy, and need to be handled with care. Take time to think about how to transport it overseas. Often, brides have to purchase an additional adult (full price!) seat on the flight for the wedding dress, and airlines give no guarantees that you will be able to hang it up! You will also have to pay to ensure the seats you have purchased are next to each other. By using Send My Bag, you will receive a best in class service to ensure your dress is handled with care.

After the Wedding:
Send My Wedding

After the big day, the last thing you want to worry about is how your wedding essentials will get home while you embark on your honeymoon. You certainly don’t want to bring it all with you, nor do you want to make it your family’s burden. Send My Bag will take care of getting all of your belongings, gifts and extras home, while you jet off on your honeymoon.

Congratulations – and happy planning!

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