The Top 10 Most Irritating Student Problems

Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017

Student Problems

There are student problems that almost everyone at university will face at some point. These are problems that are often unique to students during this formative period of their lives. But what are the most irritating of these student problems? Send My Bag brings you the top 10 most irksome problems that you will encounter as a student.

Student problem #1: The washing machines and dryers are always in use!

You have worn every last shred of clean clothing you own and desperately need to do your laundry. Yet every time you go to the laundry room, the washing machines and dryers are always full and someone else’s laundry has already been dumped out onto the floor.

Student problem #2: The evil lecturer

We’ve all had one evil lecturer who schedules lectures and classes for 9 am just because they can, although no other academics in his/ her subject would dream of it. This lecture or class will always follow the main student party night of the week.

Student problem #3: Procrastination

Almost all students have problems with procrastination. You can easily lose hours to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, etc. before you remember why you sat down at your laptop in the first place.

Student problem #4: The inevitable all-nighters

Essay deadlines always creep up unexpectedly. The reasons for this are numerous ? friends making impromptu visits, books not being available in the library, or spending too long on research before beginning to write. Even when you set out with the best intentions not to procrastinate and to start work immediately, you always end up pulling an all-nighter in order to submit on time.

Student problem #5: Having to carry your shopping back to halls

When you lived at home, you were used to getting a lift from mum or dad, or would have driven yourself to the shops. Once you get to university you soon start to feel like a donkey, as you have to carry everything back to halls yourself. This is especially bad if you had to travel to university by plane, which typically means you have to go out to purchase everything you need to create a home – and carry it all yourself! You can minimise this hassle, however, by sending lots of stuff to your student accommodation with Send My Bag. Have your ready-made home arrive in suitcases or boxes the day after you do and you can skip multiple trips to Tesco and Argos.

Student problem #6: Finding out a key text is for library use only

So, the success of your essay depends on reading a particular text by an obscure academic whose work can’t be found online. But their book is in the library – yay! Oh wait, it’s for use in the library only, AND photocopying is not permitted! This means spending hours or even days making copious notes so as not to miss any salient morsel that will be crucial to your work…. sooo irritating!

Student problem #7: Struggling to prioritise

Being a student is a juggling act. You want to do well academically but you also need to beef up that CV with extra-curricular activities. Plus, you need to actually make some friends, keep in touch with home and look after yourself by cooking proper meals and cleaning up after yourself. Doing all this without letting anything slip is a problem that most students find particularly challenging.

Student problem #8: Fickle friendships

Chances are the person you buddied around with during Fresher’s Week will barely acknowledge your existence by the time Christmas comes around. This is, of course, not always the case, but university is one place where friendships can be very fluid. You may find that people just use you until they find a better option – harsh but often true!

Student problem #9: Passive aggressive notes from housemates 

Every house or flat share has that self-righteous person who can’t help but point out everyone else’s faults, or who never fails to highlight where they have been wronged. But they don’t do it face-to-face; they instead leave lots of little passive aggressive notes so they get their opinion across but avoid confrontation of any kind.

Student problem #10: Messy housemates

The other side of the coin is when you have to put up with housemates that just don’t pull their weight as regards household chores. These people just expect the house elf to come in at night and do the dishes, put out the bins and hoover the floor. When you come down to find every last piece of cutlery and crockery lying used in the sink, you will be forced to become said elf and tidy up after them.

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