Top 10 Most Quirky University Societies

Friday, 28 Feb 2020

Top 10 Most Quirky University Societies by Send My Bag

Joining a society at university is one of the best ways to get on board with a new hobby and meet people who you can share hobbies and interests with. Whilst you could stick to traditional university societies, you could also try a society that is quirky. In this blog Send My Bag have included the top 10 most quirky societies at universities in the UK – the quirkier the better!

Quidditch Society

For all of the Harry Potter fans, you’ll be excited to know that you can play a real-life game of quidditch at some universities in the UK. Whilst you might not be able to master the trick of flying, grabbing a broom stick and running with it between your legs whilst trying to catch the golden snitch, successfully throw a ball through hoops and dodge bludgers (dodgeballs) could be fun. You don’t need to be a Harry Potter fanatic to play Quidditch, just be up for getting involved in a sport that has some fun and fantasy. Universities with a quidditch society include those in Warwick, Leeds, Manchester, London, Oxford, Cambridge, Liverpool, Bath and Bristol. Their quidditch teams play competitively in different premier leagues, championships and world cups.

Twenty Minute Society 

The twenty-minute society at Newcastle University is all about activities and adventures but with a twist, as the activities and their whereabouts are a mystery. Weekly texts are sent out to society members at an unexpected time stating the location of the activity and members have a 20-minute time limit to get there to join the activity for free. Great for thrill-seekers who are always up for an exciting challenge. The society runs a ball at the end of every year in a mystery location and in the past, they have run mystery holidays to Budapest, Kraków and Italy! The University of Lincoln also have a twenty-minute society.

Funk and Soul Society

If you are a fan of funk, soul, disco, and hip hop or you would like to explore this genre of music, check out this society of almost 500 members at Manchester Metropolitan University. Members of the society share music with each other on Spotify, throw house parties and have weekly night outs to bars and clubs to groove to the best of funk and soul music.

Dog Walking Society

The dog walking society was set up in 2017 at the University of Sussex and has since won numerous awards, including the most outstanding society at the 2019 Sussex Student Union awards. At least 10 dogs come to Sussex University campus three times a walk for walks and cuddles. To no surprise, the dog walking society is the biggest society at the University of Sussex. Who doesn’t want to cuddle, play with and walk dogs?!

Zen Society 

Do you need to take a step back from your university, relax and tap into a zen feeling? Join a zen or mediation society at university! The University of Surrey have a zen society, which allows members to practice mediation and learn mindfulness techniques and tips for dealing with stress. Not only is mediation the best stress-reliver, but it can also accelerate learning, enhance creativity, increase concentration and improve memory – only some of its benefits!

Game of Thrones Society

The final series of the fantasy drama Game of Thrones drew over 19 million viewers across the globe. The series ending doesn’t mean that you have to stop watching it or talking about it. The University of Warwick have a Game of Thrones society with up to 500 members. The society holds Game of Thrones viewing parties, game nights, pub crawls and pub quizzes. Every year they take a trip to the Game of Thrones filming location. 

Bubble Tea Society

Bubble tea is traditionally a Taiwanese tea and it has become a drinking trend in the US and the UK. The bubble tea trend is especially popular in London so it’s not surprising that the University of London has snapped up on this trend by creating a bubble tea society. By joining the UCL bubble tea society, you can go to workshops for creating your own bubble tea, go to tea crawls where you’ll visit the best bubble tea stores and get discounts at these stores.

Real Ale Society

You should join a real ale society if you enjoy beers, ciders and just having a laugh. Many universities have a real ale society, including University of Lancaster, Sheffield, Leeds, Exeter, and Aberystwyth. You can go on brewery tours, pub crawls, trips to beer festivals, and even a trip to one of Europe’s finest brewing nations.

Dirty Weekenders 

Dirty weekenders at the University of Edinburgh is a society where members volunteer to do weekly environmental conservation work. The society won volunteering project of the year in 2018 at the University of Edinburgh. Members of the society meet up every Sunday to go to various park sites for some conservation work to try and keep the environment clean and green! They also run social events for their members throughout the semester.

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