Top Reasons to Study Abroad in the UK

Thursday, 5 Dec 2019

Top Reasons to Study Abroad in the UK by Send My Bag

If you are interested in studying abroad in the UK, you have come to the right place. Send My Bag are going to share with you the top reasons to study abroad in the UK. Reading this blog will give you that added encouragement that making the move to study abroad in the UK will be an all-round, awesome experience! 

The UK is Home to the World’s Best Universities

When it comes to world-class education, the UK has got it! Nine universities in the UK featured in the QS World University Rankings Top 50 for 2020, of which four were in the top 10 – University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, UCL and Imperial College London. The University of Edinburgh and University of Manchester came in the top 30, followed by King’s College London ranking in 33rd position, London School of Economics and Political Science in 39th, and University of Bristol in 49th.  The UK have a further 9 universities featured in the global top 100, some of which we have included in our blog on the top universities in the UK for studying abroad. 

High Student Satisfaction Rates

The high level of student satisfaction in the UK expands across the quality of life, the quality of university courses, and the overall quality of UK universities. The 2019 National Student Survey found that out of 330,000 students surveyed from more than 400 UK universities, 84% said that they are satisfied with the quality of their course. The survey found that overall, students reported to be happy with the teaching, learning and academic support at their university. In a further 2019 study by iGraduate on International Graduate Outcomes, 90% of international students studying in the UK said that they are satisfied with the learning and support at their university. 

Successful and Satisfying Careers After University

Results from a 2019 survey on International Graduate Outcomes by iGraduate found that out of a sample of 16,199 international graduates, 83% of respondents said that their degree in the UK helped them to get a job, and 82% said that studying in the UK was worth the investment. Over half of the international students also reported that they are earning above or well above average in their home countries, compared to peers who studied elsewhere. 


Travel is a huge part of the studying abroad experience, and the UK makes for the ideal spot to do lots of traveling! Quick and cheap domestic flights offered by budget airlines make it easy to explore different cities in the UK and travel to some of the top travel destinations in Europe. 

We spoke to Candace, who shared some of her favourite things about her study abroad experience in the UK and one of them was cheap flights. She said 'It was epic. It's super easy to find last minute flights around Europe." However, don’t be caught out by their baggage fees – our student shipping service is the best option to transport all of your luggage. Candace sent us a photo from her time in the UK, which we've included below. Check out her Instagram profile @candaceabroad to see more of her study abroad adventures in the UK. 

Student Diversity and Culture

In the UK, you will no doubt feel welcomed and become part of a wider student culture! A study by Universities UK International reported that in 2017-2018 almost 500,000 international students accounted for 19.6% of the total student population in the UK. The study found that the UK was the second most popular destination for international students to study. In the UK you will be able to meet and connect with students from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Candace, the past study abroad student we spoke to, listed that one of her other favourite things about the UK was the diversity, saying that "being surrounded by new languages, cultures, and experiences made her time abroad irreplaceable. Now having friends from all over the world!"   

The Choice of a Wide Range of Cities

The great thing about the UK as a study abroad destination is that you have so much choice when it comes to where exactly you want to study abroad. Some of the top student cities include London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh. The right city for you all depends on your preferences in terms of lifestyle, the university and the course you are studying. 

Keep up to date with our Instagram page, as we will be sharing information about the top student cities in the UK that may help you to decide what city you will choose as your study abroad destination. If you are going to study abroad in the UK and need to send your luggage ahead, our door to door luggage shipping service is the easiest and most affordable option to send everything you need from your home. 

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