United Airlines Increases Checked Baggage Fees

Tuesday, 25 Feb 2020

United Airlines Increases Checked Baggage Fees

United Airlines have increased checked baggage fees by $5. The new pricing means passengers will be charged $35 for the first $45 for a second checked bag (each way). The change affects travellers who don’t prepay for their bags in advance. The increase can be avoided by paying for bags 24 hours before their flight, whereby checked-bag prices will remain at $30 for the first checked bag and $40 for a second.

The price hike comes after JetBlue also increased their checked-bag fees in January. Other airlines are likely to follow suit due to previous trends with baggage fees in the aviation industry. After JetBlue increased their checked-baggage fees in August 2018, airlines including Air Canada, United Airlines, and WestJet quickly made a similar move. Southwest are the only airline to not follow suit with checked-baggage fees, with passengers still being able to check their first two bags free of charge.

Travellers who purchased tickets prior to 21st February are exempt from this increase by United Airlines, with the price change taking effect for travel on and after 6th March.

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