Temporary Surcharges

There are currently two temporary surcharges in operation, please find more information on each below. 

The exact surcharge amount due for your shipment will be clearly displayed at Step 1 of the booking process.

Emergency Situation Surcharge

Due to the lack of commercial air cargo space and disruption to international supply chains, since 2020 our logistics partners have kept their networks operational by scheduling dedicated aircraft and transporting freight by more indirect routes.

In order to fund these measures and to keep the routes functioning, emergency surcharges were introduced on a number of air express routes (domestic and road service were not affected). 

Send My Bag passes these surcharges on at cost. The surcharge is applied once per shipment and is based on the total actual weight or total volumetric weight of the shipment. 

Current rates:  £0.18 / $0.24 / 0.21 Euro / $0.35 AUD per kg on the majority of air express routes. 

Asia, Australia and New Zealand are subject to higher charges which vary based on route. 

Send My Bag is lobbying our logistics partners to remove this surcharge as soon as possible.

Temporary Fuel Surcharge

Since 2022 a fuel surcharge has been applied to all services. On routes which include an emergency surcharge, the fuel surcharge has been incorporated into this, and on other routes the fuel surcharge shows standalone. 

While we absorbed as much of the rising fuel costs as possible, as a transport business fuel is one of our largest expenses and ultimately we had to pass some of the increasing cost on.

Rather than increasing our overall price we introduced a fuel surcharge which we could modify in line with current fuel costs. 

The surcharge has been decreased from 6% to 4% in July 2023. Our hope is that in the months ahead we will be able to remove the surcharge entirely. We appreciate your support and patience while this temporary surcharge remains in place.    

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