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Why you should send your luggage ahead on your next trip

In the past luggage forwarding was seen as an expensive luxury, it simply didn't make sense to pay $250 or more to send a bag when you could check one for free. However with airline charges shooting up and checked baggage allowances falling it's become more difficult to travel with what you need.

At Send My Bag® we knew there had to be a better alternative and we set about creating a luggage service that offered the highest level of convenience but at realistic and airline beating prices.

You may have read about our service in the press, watched us on TV, or read some of our thousands of independent reviews but if you're still wondering what the fuss is about, let us convince you: 

You can save Money

You can send your bag transatlantic from $99, within Europe from 34 Euro and within the UK from £15! Wherever you're traveling Send My Bag offers great rates including some which have been independently verified by the consumer body Which? as better value than checking the first bag with an airline! On top of this you can rest assured if your bag is a couple of pounds over weight you'll not be hit with hundreds of dollars in excess baggage charges.

It's so quick and easy to check our luggage forwarding prices online you can compare them with your airline fees in seconds.

Travel with what you want

Send My Bag offers two simple weight brackets, up to 30lbs /15kgs and up to 66lbs / 30kgs, our generous allowances help you to travel with what you want, not the bear minimum the airline allows!

Save Time - Skip check-in and forget waiting at baggage carousels

We all like to save money but that's just half the story, when you've only got a few days vacation time is even more precious. At Send My Bag™ we collect your luggage from your door and deliver it to your hotel or other final destination worldwide. Forget turning up early to check a bag and no more waiting at baggage carousels at the other end!

Travel in comfort

Whether your golfing in Scotland or site seeing in Paris not having bulky luggage makes the last leg of your trip a breeze. A four ball golf group can share one taxi without trying to fit 4 sets of clubs in the trunk or you can wonder through the Paris Metro, NYC Subway or London Underground without the worry of struggling getting on and off trains.

How can SendMyBag do this?

Quite simply airlines don't want your bags but there are plenty of other planes flying with empty cargo holds that do, Send My Bag™ collects your luggage and transports it through safe and secure, tried and tested international logistics networks. 

Unlike an airline which attaches a sticky barcode to your bag, Send My Bag™ provides you with free heavy-duty luggage label holders which attach to your suitcase with cable ties. Your bag is then scanned every step of the way, you can watch it travel the globe online 24/7 and we'll even send you tracking alerts.

We're here to help

Send My Bag dedicated support is provided from both the UK and USA, this mean we're open 15 hours every weekday and also open on weekends. Our goal is to answer your luggage forwarding questions as quickly as possible without it costing you time or money, for that reason we provide online chat 7 days a week, toll-free and local rate telephone numbers from worldwide destinations and reply to the majority of emails within a couple of hours. Got a question? Click the chat button in the bottom right of this page or drop us a line.

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