Remote Areas

Explaining why an area is classed as remote

Send My BagĀ® collects and delivers door to door in more than 200 countries worldwide; we provide our service globally at excellent rates by working with local, national and international logistics companies.

The vast majority of collections worldwide are classed as standard. However, to help you make the best decision on whether Send My Bag is best value for your trip, our smart booking system will check your postcode against our database and inform you if a remote fee is due before you progress further.

When a third party is contracted or when we divert a driver away from the daily route in such a way that our collection or delivery will impact others, a remote area fee is due.

If you're thinking your address isn't particularly remote, it will likely be the case that it is simply outside of the daily rounds of the courier driver. If this is the case, the depot will need to take additional steps to have your item collected or delivered.

In most cases, however, a remote area will mean your address is entirely outside of the catchment area of the local depot and a 3rd party will be required to collect or deliver the item by special arrangement.

Please be aware that for continuity and security reasons, in some areas the third party may carry the livery of the logistics company by which it is contracted.

A Send My BagĀ® quote including a remote fee will nearly always be much lower than the local post office's rate or compared to as little as 5 kg excess baggage with any low cost airline.

Allow extra time for collection and delivery

If your collection is from a remote area we advise booking early (at least 3 days in advance of the collection) and allowing a second day for collection, however more may be required based on the location.

In some remote areas the collecting depot will call you before despatching a driver, it is therefore important that you provide a local telephone number and answer any unknown numbers. 

As delays are possible please allow additional time for delivery in addition to the standard transit time displayed during the order process. For example if the remote area is an island (a number of the Greek islands are classed as remote) it will be serviced by a ferry and in most cases the ferries will not run every day. Should the crossing be missed for any reason your consignment will need to wait for the next crossing, which may be the following week.

Whilst many customers send to and from remote locations, due to the possibility of delay we do not recommend sending time sensitive holiday baggage to or from these locations.

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