How to Ship a Suitcase with Send My Bag

Can I Ship A Suitcase?

Absolutely! Many of Send My Bag’s customers choose to send their belongings in suitcases. This is a good option as suitcases tend to be well-designed to hold substantial amounts of luggage. By shipping your luggage you get to pack your suitcase but then leave the heavy lifting to someone else ‒ one of the many benefits of sending luggage ahead.

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Can I Ship My Suitcase Internationally?

Yes, you can! You can ship your suitcase internationally all over the world using Send My Bag. You can choose from  hundreds of destinations around the world, from the USA, to the UK, Australia, China, South Africa and many, many more. Our destinations also include island nations, such as Barbados, Bermuda and the Falklands. No matter where you are travelling from or where you are travelling to, you willl likely find the route you need on our destinations page.

How Much Does it Cost to Send a Suitcase?

Send My Bag's shipping costs are extremely affordable. You can ship a large 30 kg/ 66 lb suitcase from the UK to the USA for only £99/ $140. To ship a 30 kg suitcase from France to Poland it would cost only €70. To send domestically within the UK you can expect to pay as little as £18 for a 30 kg suitcase. To ship a suitcase within the US, from California to New York the cost would be $99 for 30 kg. Get an instant quote tailored to your needs now!

How Do I Ship A Suitcase?

To ship a suitcase abroad you must choose a sturdy suitcase, pack your belongings carefully, being sure not to pack any prohibited items, and book in a collection for your suitcase at, stating the measurements of your suitcase and your collection and delivery details. Someone must be available to hand over your suitcase to the driver and to receive it at your destination. Follow these tips for preparing your suitcase for safe transit:

  • It is advised that you DO NOT use designer, light-weight shell suitcases, nor spinner suitcases, for our luggage delivery service, as these could become damaged in transit.
  • Extendable suitcase handles should be secured with tape so that they don’t deploy when in transit.
  • Don’t lock your suitcase, but secure the zips with a cable tie or string.
  • Attach your labels securely, ideally using Send My Bag label holders, which have been specifically designed for transit. You can order label holders to arrive by post during booking or via your account.
  • If you don’t have time for label holders to arrive, attach your label very securely to the front of your suitcase using tape that doubles back on itself.
  • Make sure you include a backup label inside your suitcase.
  • Do not pack any prohibited items within your suitcase. Check out our FAQs for more information on prohibited items.
  • Where applicable, include a packing list with your shipment, plus any additional customs documentation required of you. Find your baggage shipping destination for more information.
  • Attach your address label and packing list in separate label holders so both are visible at all times.
  • You must also provide the driver with a copy of your address label, and a packing list, where applicable.
  • If you are sending from a hotel, please provide reception/ the concierge with a copy of your address label to hand to the driver.

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Sending Other Containers

Of course, we don’t just ship suitcases. We also ship:

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