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Ship Your Luggage Worldwide
For vacation, sports, relocation, students - everyone
SendMyBag offers fast & affordable door to door delivery of your bags & boxes to over 100 countries

Our Luggage Courier and Delivery Service

Send My Bag™ allows you to send luggage around the world, whether you are relocating abroad, going on an extended trip, or moving away to college or university. Using a luggage shipping service means you can travel luggage free while still having as much luggage with you as you like!

By sending your baggage you get to skip long lines at the airport and avoid paying extortionate airline baggage fees. In fact, recent research has revealed Send My Bag™ to be better value than some low-cost airlines, even before their excess baggage fees are considered!

To ensure the best possible luggage delivery service for our customers, we are pleased to announce two very simple pledges:

We guarantee our door to door luggage shipping services won’t be beaten on price.

We guarantee your express service item within the US will arrive on time or your money back.

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Excellent: 4.7 / 5
Based on 87738 independent reviews.

Our Destinations

Send My Bag™ is an online luggage delivery service that allows you to send luggage internationally, offering affordable prices and peace of mind with online tracking.
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Why Use a Luggage Delivery Company?

Send luggage cheap

Checking several bags onto your flight can be extremely costly, especially if you go over your ticket’s baggage allowance. This can make traveling away for a long period of time, or moving abroad indefinitely, a tricky process. This problem is solved by using Send My Bag™ to send all your bags to your destination, no matter how many you have. You can do so at cheap, affordable prices, which means you don’t need to think twice about packing that extra outfit or spare pair of shoes. Get a quick quote now.

Use a Luggage Courier Service to avoid airlines’ high baggage fees

In a world where airline luggage allowances are slowly decreasing, but charges for excess baggage are rapidly on the rise, airline customers are often disappointed with the very small amount of luggage they can take with them on their trips. Many passengers choose budget airlines in a bid to save money, only to discover that they have to pay extra in order to bring anything other than a small item of hand luggage. Or, passengers travelling on skiing, surfing or golfing vacations may find that their outsized equipment and excess luggage are refused by the airline unless an extortionate excess baggage charge is paid. Check out your airline’s baggage fees here.

Send your excess baggage shipping for your next vacation or year abroad

This is where Send My Bag™ comes in. We offer excess baggage shipping around the world, whether you’re sending golf clubs to Portugal, shipping surf boards to Australia, or you need to send luggage containing home comforts for a year studying abroad. We offer excellent rates, with discounts for student shipping, so you don’t need to fear the wrath of your airline’s excess baggage charges.

Moving abroad? Take a look at our Moving Abroad Checklist.

Send baggage for a hassle-free journey

Why not send your luggage to make your journey more manageable? If you ship your baggage, you can avoid long hours standing in line at check-in desks and luggage carousels. Getting to and from the airport is also a breeze when you send your luggage ahead, as you can easily jump onto public transportation without all your baggage in tow. If you are afraid that your airline will lose your baggage en route, you can rest assured that Send My Bag™ will forward your unaccompanied baggage to your destination safe and sound.

International luggage delivery service

Send My Bag™ is a luggage delivery service that offers routes all over the world, sending to and from the US, the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and many more. You don’t need to worry that your luggage will go missing in transit, either, as Send My Bag™ allow you to track your bag through both local and international couriers until delivery. Our drivers can collect right from your doorstep and deliver to most major cities within 1-2 days.

Ship luggage at the click of a button

Send My Bag™ has a quick quote tool that estimates a delivery date for your luggage, and provides our best rates for shipping excess luggage internationally at the click of a button. Booking your luggage delivery with us couldn’t be easier. Our instructions guide you seamlessly through the booking process, helping you fill out any necessary custom forms and providing you with handy tips on how to pack your bags and what not to send. Booking your cheap luggage delivery is a speedy process that can be completed within 5 minutes. Find out how it works!

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