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For vacation, sports, relocation, students - everyone.
SendMyBag offers fast & affordable door to door delivery of your bags & boxes to over 100 countries.

Best Price Guarantee

Recent research has revealed SendMyBag to be better value than some lowcost airlines, even before their excess baggage fees are considered!

As travel plans for the year ahead begin to unfold, at SendMyBag we want to make your luggage choice an easy one. To that end we’re pleased to announced two very simple customer pledges:

We guarantee our door to door luggage services won’t be beaten on price.

We guarantee your express service item within the US will arrive on time or your money back.

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Excellent: 4.7 / 5
Based on 24943 independent reviews.

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SendMyBag is an online shipping company that offers a global, affordable, door to door, direct baggage shipping service.
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Why Use a Luggage Delivery Company

In a world where luggage allowances on flights are slowly decreasing, but charges for excess baggage are rapidly increasing, airline customers are often disappointed with the very few things they can take with them on their trips. You might be looking to use a budget airline but discover that you’re only able to take hand luggage without having to pay an extra charge, or you’re taking a leisure vacation skiing, surfing or golfing and they’ll refuse to take your outsized equipment and excess luggage on board without forcing you to pay an extortionate excess charge.

That’s where SendMyBag comes in; we can offer excess baggage shipping to you for whatever you want to take on your trip from the US to dozens of worldwide locations and back again. Whether you’re shipping golf clubs to Portugal, sending surf boards to Australia, or simply spending a year studying abroad and want to make sure you have all your home comforts, it’s no problem for us and is hassle free for you.

We offer excellent rates, with discounts for students shipping abroad, so you don’t need to fear the wrath of airline excess charges. Even if you just want to make your travel a bit easier to negotiate without having to spend long hours queuing at check in desks and luggage carousels and taking the risk that your bags might have got lost en route, we can get your unaccompanied luggage to your destination safe and sound.

Our shipping routes are worldwide, travelling as far afield as Australia, Hong Kong and the UK, as well as more regional destinations within the US. You don’t need to worry that your unaccompanied baggage will go missing in transit either as SendMyBag allow you to track your bag through both domestic and international couriers. Our drivers can collect right from your doorstep and deliver to most major cities within 1-2 days.

SendMyBag has a quick quote tool that will provide you with an estimation for a delivery date as well as our best rates for shipping excess luggage at the click of a button. Booking your USA luggage shipping with us couldn’t be any easier as our instructions guide you seamlessly through the process, helping you fill in any custom forms and giving handy tips on how to pack your bags and what not to send unaccompanied along the way so that you can get your delivery booked within 5 minutes.

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