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2017 Air New Zealand Baggage Allowance & Excess Luggage Fees

Find out Air New Zealand's baggage restrictions and fees.

air new zealand baggage allowance
Air New Zealand baggage allowance

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air new zealand Carry on

Air New Zealand’s carry-on baggage allowance for economy passengers is one piece of hand luggage weighing no more than 7 kg (15 lbs), plus one personal item.

Business Class and Premium Economy passengers may carry on board two items of hand luggage with a combined weight of 14 kg (30 lbs), and with one item weighing up to a maximum of 10 kg (22 lbs), plus a personal item.

Each item should not have total dimensions greater than 118 cm (46.5 in).

What if my bag is overweight/ oversized?

If your carry-on is deemed to be overweight or oversized, it must be checked into the hold and charges will likely apply (see below).

air new zealand Checked baggage

The amount of checked baggage permitted by Air New Zealand’s baggage allowance varies according to your fare type, loyalty club membership, and the route travelled.

For travel within New Zealand, Seat+Bag, Flexi Time and Smart Saver passengers are permitted to check one piece of luggage that weighs no more than 23 kg (50 lbs) and that has maximum dimensions of 158 cm (62 in), free of charge. Flexi Plus customers are permitted two checked bags.

On international flights, Seat+Bag, The Works and Economy passengers have a checked baggage allowance of one 23 kg (50 lbs) / 158 cm (62 in) item, while Works Deluxe and Premium Economy passengers are permitted two checked bags. Business customers have a checked allowance of three bags.

Seat-only fares have no baggage allowance.

Extra baggage allowances can be purchased from Air New Zealand in advance, with prices dependent on the route travelled. On all domestic New Zealand flights you would expect to pay $35 NZD for the first prepaid bag and $55 for the second. 

On a flight between New Zealand and London you would pay $165 NZD and $205 NZD to pre-purchase the first and second additional bags.

air new zealand Excess Baggage fees

Bags weighing over 23 kg (50 lbs) or exceeding 158 cm (62 in) in total dimensions will incur a charge. The amount charged depends on the passenger’s departure point and destination. For example, if travelling from New Zealand to Australia, the charge would be $120 NZD.

No bag may exceed 32 kg (70 lbs).

Exceptional items

Sporting equipment that measures less than 2 m (6.5 ft) in length and that weighs no more than 23 kg (50 lbs) can be checked into the hold. If an item weighs more than 23 kg but less than 32 kg (70 lbs) (but measures no more than 2.5 m (8.2 ft)) it can be checked, but an excess baggage fee will be charged.

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