Baggage Shipping Australia

If you want to start shipping to Australia from the UK or around the world then Sendmybag can collect and deliver your bags, whether you’re a student on a GAP year, holidaying in Sydney or back packing from Perth. Sendmybag is the affordable hassle free way to travel excess baggage fee free.

Sendmybag also ships from Australia, if your moving from Australia with one suitcase, a student shipping several items or an expat on the move with even more, book your baggage shipping back to the UK from Australia so that you do not have to worry about excess baggage charges during your return flight.

Australian Post code format: 4 numbers e.g. 2096

Australia is divided into 7 States:

Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria & Tasmania.

As Australia is outside of the EU and you want to start or continue shipping to Australia you will need to supply Sendmybag with a breakdown of what you are sending. Once you have booked your collection we will send you a link to provide this information online. We would also recommend completing Australia’s personal effects form.

At the time of writing Australian customs allows personal effects which have been owned and used for 12 months to enter the country duty and tax free. Please refer to the Australian customs' website for the latest information on tax free personal effects allowances and on how Australia defines personal effects.

Sending an item with a battery from Australia:

At present we cannot accept  Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones or any other item containing a lithium battery from Australia.

More information on clearing international customs can be found on our Destinations page under the header ""What Customs Documentation must I attach?".

Ready to send to Australia? Send your Luggage, Excess Baggage and Golf Clubs to Australia today.

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Sending From AustraliaUnder 15 kgsUnder 25 kgsTransit Time
UK - MainlandExpress£118.00£161.002 days
United StatesExpress£184.99£249.993 days

Sending To AustraliaUnder 15 kgsUnder 25 kgsTransit Time
UK - MainlandExpress£118.00£161.003 days
United StatesExpress£149.99£205.993 days