Baggage Handler Steals Luggage

Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Baggage Handler Steals Luggage

A baggage handler in Ibiza airport has been caught on camera going through a passenger’s luggage before stealing a speaker.

The misdemeanour was caught on camera by a passenger waiting to board a Ryanair flight from Ibiza to Madrid. This passenger was able to alert other staff members to what was going on and used his footage to identify the culprit.

Thanks to the camera work of the perceptive passenger, the thief confessed and returned the speaker to its rightful owner – a teenage boy travelling with his mother to Madrid, who had received the speaker as a gift. The culprit is said to have lost his job and is currently awaiting trial.

The thief had only been in the job three days, and wasted no time in exploiting his position as baggage handler. He was even blatant enough to commit the crime in plain sight of his colleagues and passengers.

Once again the airline industry has given us reason not to bring our luggage on flights with us. Shipping luggage is increasingly looking like the better option.

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