Ryanair New Baggage Rules for Hand Luggage

Friday, 24 August 2018

Ryanair have again announced new baggage rules. This is the second change to their baggage allowance this year. 

The change means that the only item of hand luggage that can be brought as far as the gate is one small carry-on item. Currently, a larger 10 kg item can be brought as far as the gate, where it is checked into the hold free of charge.

As of 1st November, 2018, customers must pay £6 for Priority Boarding, which allows them to take their larger item onto the plane. Otherwise, passengers wishing to bring a small 10 kg suitcase on their journey must pay £8 to check it in before they head through security. In November, the size of the small personal item will also increase by 43% to 40 x 20 x 25 cm.

According to Ryanair, the change has been made in order to speed up boarding times, which have been slowed due to passengers' larger bags being checked at the gate.  

Once again Ryanair have shown that they do not want passengers' baggage. So why not take the easy option and choose luggage shipping instead? This way, your luggage needs will always be covered, no matter what charges Ryanair comes up with next.

Ryanair new baggage rules

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