Best Liverpool Nightlife for Students

Wednesday, 21 August 2019
Best Liverpool Nightlife for Students

Having already talked about the academic excellence of UK Russell Group and Red Brick universities like the University of Liverpool, it’s time to focus on their fun side. Which is why in this blog we share the best Liverpool nightlife for students.  After all, a university with good academic standing doesn’t mean a boring university. Most universities still have plenty of socialising, drinking, and late-night partying for students to enjoy, and all students, no matter what university, have their fair share of partying and going to lectures feeling a little fragile.

The University of Liverpool was rated amongst the best universities for nightlife by a Which? 2018 student survey, while still upholding its Red Brick status. With over 250 bars and clubs on Liverpool’s lively streets, it is no wonder that TripAdvisor users voted Liverpool as one of the UK’s best nightlife destinations. The best Liverpool nightlife is known to be around Seel street, Hardman Street, Matthew Street, and Concert Square. This blog will tell you about the best Liverpool nightlife for students in and around these areas, with every venue well within walking distance of the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moore’s University.

Best Liverpool Nightlife for Students: Level

Fancy a big night out? Drinking and dancing until the early hours of the morning? It seems that this industrial-chic, three-level club, which is only a 10 to 15-minute walk from Liverpool’s universities, is the place to be ‒ especially on Wednesday nights. Every Wednesday is their student night called ‘Quids In’, when entry is £1, and drinks start at £1. This is mid-week madness at its finest.

Best Liverpool Nightlife for Students: Concert Square

Concert Square has been ranked 1st for the best Liverpool nightlife on review website Student Hut. The square is seen as the centre of Liverpool’s nightlife, with so many clubs and pubs, no matter your music taste or preferred setting.

Two venues favoured amongst many students are McCooley’s and Soho, both for distinct reasons. Mc Cooley’s is an Irish pub chain, very simple in style but loved for its atmosphere and its chilled-out club. They also have happy hour running from 12-8pm, Monday-Thursday, and 12-6pm on Fridays, plus other drink deals, like two speciality cocktails for £8. Soho is a more stylish bar and club, with an outdoor seating area that people flock to when the sun comes out ‒ great for some day drinks in the upcoming summer months and for pre-drinks if you’re heading to their club afterwards. Mid-week offers on cocktails include two for £6 and £10 cocktail pitchers.

Best Liverpool Nightlife for Students: Popworld

The name speaks for itself, really. This club is home to the best of pop culture and cheesiness, 7 nights of the week. Popworld brings back memories of pop classics, from the Spice Girls, to the Vengaboys, to Britney Spears, to Destiny’s Child, and so on. If you want a night out dancing to cheesy music, then this is the place to be. You can dance all night long, if you like, as the club is open until 4am. They also have drinks deals 7 days a week, which include mix and match on 2-4-1 cocktails, £1 shots, and double spirits and mixers under £5. This place is cheesy and cheap, which, some might say, is the ideal combination for a nightclub.

Best Liverpool Nightlife for Students: The Baltic Triangle

As Liverpool’s creative quarter, The Baltic Triangle is a hub for culture, creativity, and community. It is home to lots of young and hip hangouts, to enjoy either day or night, from cafes and bars, to live music venues and warehouse dance clubs, which are all known for being independent music and art spaces. Whether you enjoy laid-back drinking and dining, or going to showcases by independent bands, singers, and DJs, there is something for everyone. Venues include 24 Kitchen Street, where there are all-day DJ parties, and Camp and Furnace, which is the home ground of the student rave Bongo’s Bingo. This is a big bingo party with raves, party games, guest performances, dancing on tables, prizes, and so on, that now tours around other UK cities and Australia. It is still hosted at Camp and Furnace every Thursday and Saturday night. Or, there’s The Baltic Social, which is known for its mix of food and drink and laid-back atmosphere. Live music venues include District and Constellations.

Best Liverpool Nightlife for Students: Brooklyn Mixer

The Brooklyn Mixer Block Party every Monday is a long-standing student favourite, as, across three floors, students can enjoy drink deals and dance to old school R&B, hip-hop and 90s music. With offers like £3 for double spirits and mixers, £1 for selected bottled drinks, and £1 for shots, this is a must-do nightspot to kick start your week with a bit of Monday madness.

Best Liverpool Nightlife for Students: Heebie Jeebies

An indie-style club with a student night every Thursday called ‘Dirty Antics.’ You can enjoy a drink and chat to friends in the outdoor courtyard, with laid-back indie beats playing in the background, and then head down to the basement to dance to a mix of techno and house music. People have been going to the venue since the 90s, when it was originally a jazz bar. After being renovated into a club, it grew in popularity and was awarded the title of Best Nightclub, 2017 by Liverpool Lifestyle Magazine. This club is an oldie but a goodie!

Best Liverpool Nightlife for Students: Medication

Medication is Liverpool’s oldest student night out. It was established in 1995, and has since changed venues. It used to be in Wolstenholme Square, but, following a building project, it was forced to move to its present venue, Electrik Warehouse on Wood Street. It still, however, hosts the same student night out every Friday, which has been running since the 90s, with the same party vibes and promos that made it a success back then.

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