EasyJet to Fly 75% of Network in August

Friday, 05 June 2020
EasyJet to Fly 75% of Network in August

EasyJet have given hope to thousands of holidaymakers by announcing they will resume flights on 75% of its route network by the end of August.


After previously announcing plans to restart mostly domestic services in both the UK and France from June 15, the airline has now stated that half of their network will be in operation by the end of July and this will rise further in August. However, this is only a fraction of normal services and flights will be less frequent with only 30% in operation between July and September.


EasyJet’s chief commercial and planning officer, Robert Carey, said: “We are delighted to announce that we will be flying the majority of our route network across Europe, meaning customers can still get to their chosen holiday destination”.


Last week, the Luton-based airline announced they would be cutting up to 4,500 jobs as they struggle with the fall in passenger numbers as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.


Meanwhile, aviation bosses are in talks with the government over the controversial move to introduce a 14-day mandatory quarantine for those coming into the country. The measure would mean anyone wishing to go abroad would have to self-isolate for two weeks upon their return to the UK. 


Spain’s tourism minister has also recently said that coronavirus figures in the UK must reduce further before Spain could invite tourists from the UK. EasyJet have confirmed that the country is on their list of planned destinations but that they will only start flying once customer demand increases and individual country restrictions ease.


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