EasyJet to keep middle seats empty after lockdown

Monday, 20 April 2020
EasyJet to keep middle seats empty after lockdown

The budget airline has announced that it plans to keep middle seats empty to allow for social distancing once lockdown rules are lifted.


EasyJet previously grounded its entire fleet in March in response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Passengers will be seated in either a window or aisle seat, leaving the middle seat free to allow additional spacing between passengers.


The airline expect that the new seating measure will encourage more people to fly following lockdown. Leaving the middle sat free will be possible due to a reduced number of expected passengers in the months following lockdown as travellers avoid travelling.


EasyJet chief executive Johan Lundgren said, "I think it's important that customers understand that we are taking this very seriously, and first and foremost, our concern is about the customers' well-being and our people's well-being."


The airline is also in discussions with EASA (The European aviation safety regulator) to establish if there any additional measure they should take and are looking at disinfection programs for aircraft.


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