Is the coronavirus affecting the Send My Bag service? Can I still ship?

Last updated 3rd April 2020.

The Send My Bag service is operating as normal in most regions.

At Send My Bag we are proud of the service level we offer our customers worldwide, a key part of this offering is being open 7 days / week and 24 hours on weekdays. As standard no member of the Send My Bag customer service team works from home, in response to the current global situation and to protect the health of our team and their families, we have invested in new equipment and a new phone system to allow our entire team to work securely from home.

Preparing your bag

It is has never been more important to follow our guidance with regards to prohibited items and guidelines for securing and labelling your bag. All this information is presented during the order process and emailed to you after your order is placed, please take care to follow our guideline.

Emergency Surcharge

A small number of worldwide air express routes are affected by emergency surcharges. These have been introduced by the global logistics networks to keep certain routes operating where there is now a lack of commercial cargo space. If applicable these surcharges will be clearly displayed at step 1 of booking, more info.

Route Updates

If your route is not included below the service is running as normal at this time. Although please be aware 1-2 day delays are occurring in various locations worldwide due to capacity and re-routing due to border closures. We advise customers with shipments in transit to check tracking before waiting in for delivery.

Is your service still operating to / from the USA?


President Trump stated: 'Very important for all countries & businesses to know that trade will in no way be affected by the 30-day restriction on travel from Europe. The restriction stops people not goods.'

Is your service still operating in Italy?

Yes, however delays should be expected.

Our Italian partner has stated:

"The staff loading vehicles can enter and exit from the territories concerned by decree, limited to the needs of delivery or collection of goods.

All our couriers have been equipped with appropriate protection, masks and gloves. A new process has been adopted to gain remote signing, thus avoiding physical contact.

The situation is constantly changing and therefore the measures will be implemented gradually and adapted to the needs. Despite a particularly difficult moment, we remain committed to providing our customers with the best quality of service."

Can I ship to and from Australia?

Yes. The transit time of your shipment may take slightly longer than displayed due to the high number of shipments.

Can I ship to and from France?

Yes. Services in Lyon have resumed, there are restrictions in some other areas, we will contact you if your booking is affected.

Can I ship to and from South Africa?

Yes, however we are now only permitted to carry 'essential' items.

Can I ship to and from China?

Yes, however there are currently restrictions within the Hubei region, please contact us for more information.

Can I ship to and from India?

No, we have temporarily stopped services to / from India due to government restrictions.

No service areas

The following locations have no service at present; Afghanistan, Algeria, Comoros, Greenland, Guinea Bissau, India, Iraq, Libya, Mauritius, Mayotte, Nepal, Seychelles, Somaliland, Venezuela and Wuhan.

If I decide not to travel due to coronavirus can I cancel for a full refund?

Customers with 'Cancellation & Change Cover' can cancel their order at any time prior to collection for a refund of transit costs under our normal terms of cancellation cover. If you are placing an order today we recommend selecting 'Cancellation & Change Cover'. For orders placed before 12th March 2020, if you choose to cancel an order before collection and you do not have cancellation & change cover, we will credit your Send My Bag account with 100% of the order value allowing you re-book at no extra cost at a later date. Customers with cancellation cover are also free to choose this option as an alternative to a refund.
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