Instagram Accounts to Follow: Expats

Saturday, 01 February 2020
Instagram Accounts to Follow: Expats

We have put together this blog on Instagram accounts run by expats who share their adventures of living in the UK, Europe, USA, and Australia. They share the best of their expat life, showing us that living abroad is something that everyone should get on board with!

Living in Italy


This Instagram account follows a Canadian expat living in Florence, Italy since 1999. Their Instagram feed is bursting with Italian art, culture, and heritage dating back to the medieval and renaissance periods. One of the top reasons to move to Italy is the fact that you could have all of this history and culture at your doorstep. Follow this account for inspiration on things to explore in Florence, as there are many!

Living in Paris


This Instagram account follows a Swedish expat living in Paris since 2012 and is full of the beautiful sites of Paris. This Instagammer shares the best view of Paris with over 900,000 followers. Living in or near Paris as a city full of art, culture, fantastic architecture, beautiful green spaces and some of the best restaurants in the world is one of the top reasons to move to France!

Living in London


This Instagram account is by an American expat who has been living in London for over 10 years and has since become a major influencer, featuring in publications by The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, Stylist, Buzzfeed and many others. Their Instagram feed shows just how pretty the streets and street corners of London are. As one of the most diverse and dynamic cities in the world, London has to be one of the top reasons to move to the UK

Living in America


If you need inspiration on living as an expat in a foreign country, check out this Instagram account by a Russian expat and female entrepreneur living in San Francisco, California as one of the best cities to move to in America. Their Instagram feed is very motivational as they share photos with tips and advice for having a successful lifestyle and career abroad. They are upfront and honest about the struggles and successes that they have experienced as an expat.

Living in Hong Kong


This Instagram account follows a Canadian expat who has been living and working in Hong Kong for over 8 years. They share their experience through photos of Hong Kong’s natural landscape, the city’s skyline, and its mouth-watering local cuisine. This Instagram account shows how great it can be to experience the ins and outs of a different culture!

Living in Australia


This Instagram account is by an Instagrammer who has been featured in publications by the Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Expedia and many more. Their Instagram posts show the best of the Aussie lifestyle, as they share their adventures in Sydney, from the city itself to the stunning natural landscapes that surround it. Their Instagram feed shows us that there is much natural beauty to explore in Australia, which is one of the top reasons to move down under!

Living in Singapore


You can see the best of Singapore’s city and its architecture from the images shared on this Instagram account by a British expat. One of the top reasons to move to Singapore is the fact that it offers a high quality of life and a great culture, which is why expats ranked the city as the 2nd best place in the world to live and work in HSBC's 2019 Expat Explore Survey. If this doesn’t make Singapore a top contender on your list of places to move to, then looking at photos from @thevintagevisions Instagram will.

Living in Germany


This Instagram account follows a Canadian expat who has been living and working in Germany for over five years. Their Instagram feed shows us that Germany is bursting with so much art, culture, and history!

Living in Canada


This is an Instagram account by a British expat living in Canada, who shares all the highs and lows of their expat experience. Their Instagram posts address challenges like overcoming homesickness, cultural shocks, and building a career.

Living in New Zealand


This Instagram account is by a German expat family living in New Zealand, sharing pictures of their adventurous lifestyle exploring New Zealand’s many natural landscapes. Their Instagram feed shows that their is always something to explore, so if you are an adventure seeker and love being outdoors, then this is one of the top reasons to move to New Zealand

If you find yourself checking out these Instagram accounts after reading this blog, don’t forget to check out our Instagram account and hit the follow button. Get a quote for our door to door luggage shipping service for expats – the easy, fast, and affordable way to ship your luggage internationally.

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