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Thursday, 7 Jul 2016

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Send My Bag explores the reasons to move to Australia, in a bid to explain why 189,700 people decided to move there in 2016-17. Currently over 28% of the population of Australia has been born overseas, with 5% being born in the UK. So what is it that makes Australia such an attractive destination for expats, and for Brits in particular? Why move to Australia?

  1. Compared to the UK’s dull and wet winters (and usually summers too), Australia’s climate is a dream. The popular destination of Sydney enjoys summer temperatures between 18 and 25 °C. In winter the temperature is only likely to fall as low as 8°C. And, the city basks in full sun for 104 days a year! 
  2. Given the country’s marvellous weather, it follows that Australians enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle. Watching TV of an evening is not common practice. Instead, Australians spend a lot of time socialising, usually outdoors, whether through enjoying sports together or just relaxing and having a chat. 
  3. It helps that Australia has many areas of natural beauty for its residents to enjoy – particularly along its coastline. Most Australians live close to the coast – in fact 80% live within 50 km of the ocean. Spending time at the beach is, therefore, a big part of Australian life. Enjoying the fresh air (Australia has one of the lowest levels of air pollution in the world) and sunny weather can be an excellent antidote to working life – just make sure you wear sunscreen!
  4. The job market is another area in which Australia comes up trumps. Australia has a very low unemployment rate and many job opportunities on offer. Australia encourages work visa applications from skilled workers. Skilled labourers, such as electricians and carpenters, are currently in demand.
  5. If you manage to secure employment in Australia, you are likely to enjoy a healthy pay packet. The current minimum wage is $17.29 AUD an hour, equivalent to around £9.87 or $12.93USD. This is much higher than the UK’s £6.70 an hour or the US’s $7.25 an hour.
  6. This higher wage is not necessarily matched by higher living expenses. Eating out in restaurants is notably less expensive in Australia than in the UK. 
  7. Australia also has maximum weekly work hours. Full time workers should not work more than an average of 38 hours a week. This makes it easier to enjoy a healthy life-work balance.
  8. As well as a good job market, Australia is well known for its excellent education system. There are plenty of opportunities for international students to study in Australia, with the government there investing over $200,000,000 AUD annually in international scholarships.
  9. The crime rate in Australia is low. This is likely due to low levels of poverty and schemes run by the state to help those in need. Also, pawn brokers are heavily regulated, so criminals are unlikely to make much from selling stolen goods. 
  10. A low crime rate is also due to the social responsibility felt by most Australians. This is seen in their egalitarian approach to life. Australians tend to see everyone as equals regardless of social class and are quick to show their generosity. Australians are also happy to have a conversation with total strangers, making them a rather sociable bunch. 

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