Top Ten Reasons to Move to Spain

Monday, 14 November 2016
Top Ten Reasons to Move to Spain

You may be wondering why you should move to Spain, since it seems that fewer and fewer people are deciding to move there these days. It also appears that many ex pats are heading back from Spain to their home countries. At Send My Bag we believe that Spain still has plenty to offer those wanting to move abroad for a better life. We have put together the top ten reasons to move to Spain as a reminder of what makes Spain so great.

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  1. The weather. Especially to those with cold winters just ahead of us, the weather is clearly one of the most attractive reasons for moving to Spain. The southern coast typically enjoys around 320 days of sunshine a year, as well as a year-round mild climate.
  2. Al fresco lifestyle. Given Spain’s climate, a great deal of time can be spent outdoors, whether dining on the balcony, soaking up the sun at the beach or enjoying outdoor activities, such as swimming or cycling.
  3. Plant life. Another benefit of the warm climate is that there are nearly always plants in bloom, making your outdoor space beautiful all year round. Plants to enjoy in Spain include bougainvillea, jasmine and cannas.
  4. Food and drink. Spain has a rich food culture with numerous flavoursome dishes particular to the country, such as tortilla, pisto, paella and turrón.
  5. Variety. While expats may automatically think about relocating to the southern coast or islands of Spain, the country offers diverse landscapes for your enjoyment, from Mediterranean coasts, to alpine regions, deciduous forests, and volcanic islands.
  6. Cost of living. Compared to many other European countries, Spain tends to have a lower cost of living. Purchases such as alcoholic beverages, many grocery items, petrol, and restaurant food are all cheaper in Spain than in somewhere like the UK.
  7. Healthcare. Spain’s healthcare system has been rated among the best in the world. In fact, the World Health Organization rated it 7th in the world in 2000. Hospitals are modern, well-equipped and staffed by skilled doctors.
  8. Good transport links. There are extensive air routes, railways, ports and roads in Spain that make the country an excellent base for travel around Europe and farther afield. Also, those wishing to move abroad to Spain should be able to return home whenever necessary with minimal hassle.
  9. Fiestas. Spanish people know how to party. They are very good at marking occasions, such as saints’ days and feast days, with community festivals. Some of the bigger events include Seville’s Semana Santa (Holy Week) and La Tomatina (Tomato Festival) in Valencia
  10. Siestas. While you may have to get used to businesses closing for a few hours in the afternoon, you will soon love the excuse to just stay at home and relax, and worry about running errands later.

If our reasons to move to Spain have convinced you, remember that your luggage doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can send your luggage to Spain with Send My Bag so that you don’t need to worry about staying within your airline’s baggage limits. 

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