Italian Watchdog Investigates Ryanair Hand Luggage Charges

Friday, 21 September 2018
Italian Watchdog Investigates Ryanair Hand Luggage Charges

Italy's competition watchdog, Antittrust, is looking into the new hand luggage charges announced by Ryanair in August.

The watchdog has taken issue with the fact that customers must pay €6 (£5) in order to bring a small suitcase on board as hand luggage. They argue that hand luggage is 'an essential element of transport', and that it should be included in the ticket price, and not made available as an optional extra only.

The watchdog also says that potential Ryanair customers are not able to view the final price of their ticket upfront and that these customers, therefore, cannot accurately compare prices with other airlines. Antitrust proposes that this could be viewed as an unfair commercial practice.

In response to the inquiry, Ryanair's spokesperson, Kenny Jacobs has pointed out that customers may bring a piece of carry-on luggage, which refers to the small personal item that all passengers may bring on board. He suggests, however, that 'no airline customer has a right to unlimited carry-on bags'.

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