Lufthansa To Fly To 20 More Cities in June

Monday, 25 May 2020
Lufthansa To Fly To 20 More Cities in June

German-carrier Lufthansa have announced they will resume flying to 20 cities within Europe from the middle of June. They had previously revealed plans to operate 1,800 weekly flights to long-haul destinations including Los Angeles.


Lufthansa will resume flights to popular holiday destinations including Ibiza, Venice and Rhodes amongst others, while more cities will be announced at the end of the week. To accommodate this increased offering the airline will double the number of aircraft in operation from 80 to 160.


Commenting on the news, a member of the Executive Board of Lufthansa says, “we will continue to expand our offer step by step in the coming months and connect Europe with each other and Europe with the world”.


Despite providing the option to fly again, Lufthansa recognise that travellers may still be apprehensive and therefore customers can rebook to any date before the end of 2021. Rebooking is free of charge if flying on the same route and in the same class.


Pre-coronavirus passenger levels are not expected to return for some time and Lufthansa believe they will still have 200 aircraft grounded two years from now.


The airline is also currently finalising a deal with the German government for a $9.9bn bailout package


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