Ryanair Change Hand Luggage Fees Again

Tuesday, 15 January 2019
Ryanair Change Hand Luggage Fees Again

Ryanair has made changes to its luggage fees, once again!! This time, the changes have been introduced quietly and most passengers will only realise the changes once they are ready to pay for their flights.

This comes just over two months after Ryanair’s previous change to baggage rules in November. This was when Ryanair passengers lost the ability to bring a standard-sized cabin bag, plus a small personal item, on board, free of charge. Those still wanting to bring two items of hand luggage had to pay £6 for Priority Boarding. Alternatively, customers could pay £8 at booking to check a small 10 kg wheelie suitcase into the hold.

Now, passengers will have to get used to another change to Ryanair luggage rules. The new amendment means that passengers must fork out more to secure Priority Boarding, with the cost increasing by £2 from £6 to £8.

In addition, customers choosing to pre-pay for a 10 kg checked bag must now pay £10, rather than £8. This is at least better than waiting until you reach the airport, where it will cost you £20 to check this small bag, or £25 at the gate.

However, the £2 increase won’t go down well with already-frustrated Ryanair passengers, who were forced to endure long queues in November. This fiasco saw most passengers opting for Priority Boarding, thus essentially removing any ‘priority’ element this option might have had in the past. To these travellers, having to pay even more for such a basic ‘perk’ will feel like a kick in the teeth, especially considering how much money Ryanair already makes from such ancillary revenue.

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