United Change Checked Baggage Fees

Monday, 03 September 2018

United has become the next major airline to increase its baggage fees in recent weeks. The changes will affect checked baggage fees specifically. It will now cost $30 to check a bag, which is an increase of $5. To check a second bag, passengers need to spend $40, which is up from $35.

United’s decision to increase checked baggage fees comes hot on the heels of three other airlines – JetBlue, Air Canada and West Jet – who have brought in similar price hikes.

United have upped their fees in a bid to recuperate costs incurred from rising jet fuel prices and it is expected that more airlines will also be forced to react in this way.

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United Change Fees

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JetBlue Increases Checked Baggage Fees

JetBlue has announced that it is increasing the cost of checking a bag. The price hike will see the cost of one checked bag raised from $25 to $30. A second checked bag will go up from $35 to $40. Most notably, a third checked bag will increase from $100 to a massive $150.

29 Aug 2018


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