WestJet Increases Baggage Fees on Transatlantic Flights

Tuesday, 18 February 2020
WestJet Increases Baggage Fees on Transatlantic Flights

WestJet introduced their first charge for a checked bag in 2014 and they are now charging double for your bags.

Customers who book to travel on transatlantic flights with WestJet on or after 31st March will notice an increase in what they pay for a checked bag, as the Calgary-based airline has increased the price for a first checked bag from $30 to $60 and from $50 to $90 for a second checked bag. As it stands, these new prices will be applied to flights to and from seven trans-Atlantic cities – London, Dublin, Paris, Rome, Barcelona, Glasgow, and Manchester.

The price hike will not affect customers who buy higher tier fares, for example Econoflex fares, or those who are part of the WestJet rewards programme.

WestJet spokesperson Morgan Bell said that the increase in checked baggage fees reflects the “demand, costs, and the competitive market” in the aviation industry. As of now, baggage fees for domestic, Mexican and Caribbean routes remain the same.

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