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Top Tips for Overseas Contract Jobs

Overseas contract jobs are an attractive propsition for some workers who wish to move away from the traditional working life of 9-5, Monday to Friday. Taking on contracted employment abroad means workers get to shake up their routine and see other areas of the world. Of course this type of work also has its disadvantages. Homesickness, jet lag and living in temporary accommodation are among the problems faced by these workers. There are aspects of contracting abroad that you can prepare for, however, and Send My Bag has put together some top tips to help people who work away from home plan for their next job abroad.

13 Jul 2016

Destinations for Sports Holidays and Activity Holidays

Sports holidays and activity holidays are becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers who want to do more during their vacation than visit a few tourist attractions. Recent years have also seen an upsurge in the number of people tuning in to watch sports tournaments on TV and on the internet. So how do the host countries of recent major sports tournaments measure up as sports holiday destinations?  

11 Jul 2016

Reasons to Move to Australia

Reasons to Move to Australia

Send My Bag explores the reasons to move to Australia, in a bid to explain why 189,700 people decided to move there in 2016-17. Currently over 28% of the population of Australia has been born overseas, with 5% being born in the UK. So what is it that makes Australia such an attractive destination for expats, and for Brits in particular? Why move to Australia?

07 Jul 2016

Moving to the UK Guide

When moving to the UK to work or study, there are a number of things that you must be aware of. These include your right to reside, work or study in the UK, travel options, potential accommodation and your right to avail of public services in the UK.

04 Jul 2016

How does Brexit Affect EU Students and UK Students?

How does Brexit Affect EU Students and UK Students?

The effect of Brexit on EU students wishing to study in the UK, as well as UK students hoping to study in the EU could be highly detrimental. The UK’s recent vote to leave the EU would seem to be at odds with the will of most university students. An exit poll conducted by YouGov suggests that 75% of 18 to 24 year olds voted for the UK to remain in the EU – the largest percentage of any age group. It is not just students themselves that have reservations about Brexit, but also those running the UK’s higher education institutions. 

01 Jul 2016


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