Send My Bag Christmas 2022

Christmas Delivery Information & Send My Bag Holiday Office Opening Hours

Collections & Deliveries over Christmas 2022:

Whilst we and our partners work hard to deliver on estimate, delivery dates are estimates and are not guaranteed. 

Logistics networks remain under pressure from the effects of Covid; from limited commercial air cargo space, to supply chain disruption and increased demand for online deliveries. It is possible transit times will be impacted in the lead up to Christmas 2022, please follow our top tips below to ensure you have the best shipping experience.


Top Tips

1 - We provide services on thousands of route combinations and it is not possible to offer universal "Send by" dates for Christmas delivery. Instead to allow time for any unexpected winter weather or other unforeseen delays we recommend selecting a collection date which provides you with an estimated delivery date of the 20th Dec or earlier during booking

If your item is not required to be delivered before Christmas but you are sending between 12th Dec - 5th January for a holiday we highly recommend choosing a collection date which provides you with an estimated delivery date at least 3 working days in advance of your arrival (5 days to remote areas). This allows a buffer for any unexpected network or weather delays in the collection and delivery countries at this very busy time. 


1 - If sending internationally (not including within the EU e.g. France > Germany) please visit the relevant country destination page and check how long customs typically hold an item for if it is stopped. If customs typically hold an item 2 days we advise bringing your estimated delivery date forward at least an additional 2 working days.

If you receive an alert during booking advising your route includes a remote area please also take this into account and bring your collection date forward further as above.

2 - From 12th December onwards on some rare occasions deliveries may be given precedence over collections and this may result in your collection taking place the day after your chosen collection date. We recommend having your item collected from a place of work to save you waiting in for the day.

3 - 23rd December is not a standard Send My Bag collection day. For your convenience it is available as an option and we expect the vast majority of collections to take place, however due to deliveries having to be given precedence we cannot guarantee collections on this date.  

4 - 27th December is not a standard Send My Bag collection day. For your convenience it is available as an option (in a limited number of countries) however we cannot guarantee collections on this date.

5 - If shipping luggage order Send My Bag label holders during checkout and ensure your label is attached securely. Never hand a bag to a driver without the label securely attached.

6 - If sending within the USA, UK or EU there are no customs restrictions or additional charges for sending Christmas presents. If sending new Christmas presents outside the EU check with your destination regarding possible customs fees before sending. If fees are due these will need to be paid prior to delivery and may increase the delivery time, we recommend sending at your earliest convenience. 

7 - Send My Bag is an excess baggage service and cannot extend complimentary cover to damage of non standard excess baggage items. Package any presents thoroughly and ensure external cover is in place were necessary. Watch our video for more information on preparing your bag for travel.

8 - In the week leading up to Christmas and across the holiday period, due to the number of items in transit through the logistics networks collections and deliveries from residential addresses may take place outside of the normal 9-6 window.

9 - Unfortunately while some destinations require presents to be wrapped and individually labelled in order to assess them as gifts, from time to time a customs authority (only applies to international shipments) will open the wrapping to check the contents. This is obviously very disappointing for anyone who has spent time wrapping a gift, however customs have a right to inspect what is entering their country. Similarly aviation security authorities are also permitted to open and inspect packages before loading them to an aircraft. Regardless of what shipping company you choose, there is always a small chance your gifts could be opened as part of customs or security checks. We recommend being as accurate as possible on your packing list (customs routes only) and description to minimise the risk.

10 - The best tip we can offer for shipping across Christmas in 2022 is to send as early as possible.


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Christmas Office Opening Hours (all times EST):

Saturday 24th December: Closed from 7am EST.

Sunday 25th December: Closed.

Monday 26th December: Closed.

Tuesday 27th: Phone lines open from 3am EST.

Saturday 31st: Standard opening hours.

Sunday 1st: Closed.

Monday 2nd: Phone lines open from 3am EST.

Christmas and New Year Collection & Delivery Restrictions:

No Collections or deliveries: 26th or 27th* December or 2nd January. No collections or deliveries in Scotland on 3rd January.

*Deliveries and limited collections may take place in some countries, check your tracking information on the day for the latest status of your item.

The above is our generic worldwide information, additional dates may be unavailable for collection and deliveries based on country specific public holidays.

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