Moving Abroad Alone: The Pros and Cons

Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017

Moving Abroad Alone

Moving abroad alone takes the uncertainty of moving abroad to a whole new level. Not only do you have to find your way around a new town or city and adjust to a foreign culture, but you have to deal with acute loneliness and having no one to look to for support, in the early days at least. But, if you manage to deal with all that, you will find that moving abroad alone is a fascinating, character-building experience that you will be very glad you had. To help you decide whether or not you are up to the challenge of moving abroad alone, Send My Bag has put together a handy list of pros and cons.

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Advantages of Moving Abroad Alone
Moving Abroad Alone: Advantages

You Can Do Your Own Thing

Moving abroad alone means that you can do precisely what you want to do without trying to cater to the needs of other people. Having to move close to wherever your partner can get a job or delaying your trip until your friend has served their notice at work are not things you will have to concern yourself with. Instead you can make your own uninhibited decisions every step of the way.

You Are More Likely to Make Close Friends

If you move abroad alone you won’t bring with you the temptation to just hang out with the person you came with. You won’t be able to spend most nights sitting in with your partner or having dinner for two. So, unless you want to live the life of a hermit, you will have to get out and about to meet new people.

It Will Take You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Moving abroad alone will force you out of your comfort zone and make you experience new things, like meeting new people, discovering new places and taking chances you might never have done before. This might just be the push you need to develop a whole other side of your personality.

People Will Admire You

Your family and friends will look on with admiration as you set off to live abroad on your own. They will admire your bravery and determination to take this big step without any moral support from a fellow traveller. They might even be envious of the adventures you will have and the stories you will have to tell afterwards.

You Can Focus on Your Career

Moving abroad without anyone else in tow means that you can focus on your career, without the drama of personal relationships getting in the way. If you have had a bad time in a relationship at home, this is a good way to get a fresh start and to focus on doing something for yourself.

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Disadvantages of Moving Abroad Alone
Moving Abroad Alone: Disadvantages

Your Personal Life May Suffer

If you are concerned about developing a relationship with someone, moving abroad alone may not be the quickest way to do this. Yes, you will be able to meet new people abroad, but it could take longer than normal to develop deep personal relationships, as cultural and linguistic barriers may need to be overcome first of all.

You Will Have to Face Periods of Loneliness

Moving abroad alone means that you will probably experience issues of loneliness early on. It will take time to build relationships with people in your home country. People you meet will already have their own lives and they won’t immediately be able to make lots of time for you. This means a fair few lonely Saturday nights in and trips out on your own. But this won’t last forever and the experience will teach you to enjoy your own company.

You Won’t Have an Immediate Support System

If homesickness hits you hard or you encounter difficulties setting up your new home, you won’t have your loved ones to turn to. Yes, you can phone home, but there could be significant time differences to consider. Plus, a phone call just doesn’t compare to getting a hug from mum when you most need it. However, overcoming problems on your own will teach you to find inner strength and will grow your confidence.

It is Scary

Moving abroad alone might be one of the most terrifying things you do. Doubts about whether you are doing the right thing will plague you until you have stepped on the plane and you can’t turn back. Once you have arrived at your destination, everything will seem scarier on your own and you will be dreaming about coming straight back home. It is a hurdle to be overcome, and you will be so glad that you did.

You Have to Do All the Heavy Lifting Yourself

Moving abroad alone means that jobs like decorating your home, moving boxes and shifting luggage can become rather tiresome. Without someone else to share the burden, you may find your first few weeks abroad physically exhausting. There is one aspect of this that can be taken care of, though. There is no need to drag loads of suitcases behind you when moving abroad, as you can just send these overseas with Send My Bag. You can have them arrive at your accommodation the day after you arrive, so all you need to bring on your journey is your wallet and a change of clothes. This will make moving abroad alone a whole lot easier.

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