Top Ten Reasons to Move to America

Thursday, 22 Sep 2016

Top 10 USA

Send My Bag looks at the top ten reasons to move to America, including its multiculturalism, food, great customer service and its wonderfully festive holidays.

  1. Multiculturalism. America is a melting pot of different cultures. This is the result of mass migration to the country, particularly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Immigration is still high, with 1.3 million foreign-born individuals moving to the US in 2014. This makes the USA a fascinating place to live in, where you can experience other cultures right on your doorstep, in the form of cuisine, art and festivals.
  2. Diverse terrain. America is a vast country stretching over 2600 miles from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific and over 1500 miles from top to bottom. This means it has a great variety of landscapes and natural habits on offer – from snow-covered mountains, to deserts, tundra, wetlands, and temperate rainforest. The geographical spread of the USA also means a great variety of climates, from Lake Havasu City, Arizona where summer temperatures can reach the high 40°Cs, to Fairbank, Alaska where the average winter temperature is -20°C!
  3. More space to call home. A move to America means that you should typically be able to get much more house and land for your hard-earned cash (big cities like New York aside) than you can in Europe, for example. Americans have typically twice as much living space as someone in Europe.
  4. Convenience. Some of the biggest corporations have set up shop in America, which means that Americans have access to practically everything they could need. This includes fantastic shopping opportunities in sprawling malls and massive supermarkets. These are often open 24/7, with delivery options available. This enables everyone to get their hands on what they need, whenever they need it.
  5. Food. Americans also have excellent access to food, whether purchased at a supermarket or at one of the many eateries to be found in most towns. Given the US’ multicultural heritage, cuisine from all around the world is on offer, especially in a big city like New York. So, if you decide to move to America, you can take your pick!
  6. Cheaper technology. One of the great benefits of shopping in the US is access to technology at much lower prices than elsewhere in the world. Mobile phones and computer products certainly tend to be much cheaper than in Europe. This is because a lot of products are produced in the US and then exported to other countries. 
  7. Patriotism. Even though most Americans are descended from a variety of different cultures, they are generally united as American citizens. This manifests itself in patriotic displays of unity at times of celebration and also at times of great tragedy.
  8. Great customer service. The culture of tipping in America means that employees in the service industry generally go out of their way to make sure customers have a pleasant experience, especially at restaurants and cafés. Rarely will you leave an American establishment without being wished a pleasant day.  
  9. American holidays. As well as Christmas, Easter and New Year, Americans celebrate many holidays specific to them. The biggest among these are Thanksgiving and Independence Day. These holidays are typically spent with family and friends eating home-cooked food. Who doesn’t love another excuse for a party!
  10. Feel like you are in a movie. After India and Nigeria, the US makes the most films each year. Many of these are set and/ or filmed in the USA, often in big cities like Chicago or New York. Wandering round one of these cities, it won’t take you long to come across a location you recognise from a film. Much of what you know about the US has probably come from watching Hollywood movies. How interesting to see it in real life?!

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