How to Ship a Bike

12 steps to ensure you package your bike securely for shipping

When shipping a bike you should ideally dismantle it and place the components into a specialist, freight-approved hard case, Send My Bag cover only applies when a bike is shipped in this way. If however you do not have a freight approved hard case, you should follow these steps for packing your bike within a sturdy double-walled cardboard box.

Follow these steps to package and ship your bike safely and securely:

  1. Remove the pedals and saddle 

    To stop the pedals piercing the shipping box, remove them using a pedal spanner. You should also remove the saddle by again using a spanner or by pressing a quick-release button. Wrap some bubble wrap around these components, ready to place them into your shipping box.

  2. Remove the front wheel

    Your bike’s front wheel can be easily removed using either a quick release button or a spanner. By removing the front wheel you will dramatically decrease the length of your bike.

  3. Turn the handlebars lengthways

    To reduce the width of your bike, turn your handlebars so that they run along the length of the bike frame. To do so, first loosen the stem using an Allen key. Once the handlebars have been re-positioned, you can re-tighten the stem to keep the handlebars in place.

  4. Protect the frame and protruding parts

    If not using a case, you should take care to protect all parts of your bike, especially protruding parts like the wheel axel and handlebars. These can be wrapped in bubble wrap, in turn secured with tape. A handy way to cover the frame of the bike is to use foam pipe insulation.

  5. Attach loose parts to the main frame

    To stop loose parts banging against the rest of the bike you should secure these to the bike frame. You could do this by wrapping tape around all components to stick them together (just make sure no tape sticks to the paintwork) or by tying the loose parts to the frame using strong string or cable ties.

  6. Place in a sturdy double-walled cardboard box

    Place your bike into a sturdy double-walled cardboard box. Make sure all bike parts are included.

  7. Pad out empty space within the box

    Fill up all empty space between the bike and the walls of the box using bubble wrap, packaging peanuts or balls of newspaper.

  8. Book your bike shipment

    You will need to enter your collection and delivery address, plus the size and weight of your shipment, in order to book a collection. Once booked, you can print out all necessary documentation, including an address label, backup label and any customs information required for your destination. Place a backup copy of your address label into your box before taping it up.

  9. Seal securely

    Tape the box closed and reinforce the edges of the box using several lengths of tape that doubles back on itself.

  10. Optional: create handles

    You can create handles to make your shipment easier to carry by cutting holes into the sides of the box. You should, however, make sure that these are not too close to the edges of the box, in case they rip. It is advised that you reinforce the handle-holes using tape.

  11. Attach all necessary documentation

    Attach your address label securely to the front of the box, along with any necessary customs information.

Now all you have to do is await collection. Make sure someone is available on the day of collection to hand your bike to our driver. This doesn’t have to be the sender, but can be a family member or a member of staff at a hotel reception desk.

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