Couple to Wed at Baggage Claim

Friday, 26 Apr 2019

Wedding at Baggage Claim

Airline baggage has hit the headlines again this week. But this time it's for a positive reason. It has been revealed that baggage claim number 6 at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will form the unusual backdrop for one couple’s wedding ceremony.

This is a place that typically sees weary passengers waiting forever to pick up their checked baggage, or irate customers learning that their luggage has been lost. This Saturday, however, it becomes the magical backdrop chosen by Michelle Belleau and Ron Peterson for the happiest day of their lives!

The couple met at Cleveland Airport baggage claim twelve years ago when Michelle was sent by her employer to pick up a client who coming from in from LA. Little did she know that that client would be Ron, the man she would go on to spend twelve years with before deciding to marry at the very spot where they first met.

The couple got to know the airport well during their long-distance relationship, as it was the place where they either happily reunited or begrudgingly said goodbye. It, therefore, seemed fitting that this would also be the spot where they made the ultimate commitment to each other.

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