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Monday, 29 Jan 2018

Relocation Assistance

If you are thinking about taking on a relocation job that requires you to move to another country, you probably want to know what relocation package you are going to get, if any. Before you decide to take on a relocation job, it helps to be clued up on what kind of relocation assistance is typically offered to employees. This way you will know if you are getting a good deal or not. Read on to find out about types of relocation assistance offered by employers to those taking on relocation jobs. Learn what relocation packages typically include and consider negotiating your ideal package.

What Is Relocation Assistance?

Relocation assistance is help given by an employer to an employee who has been offered a job based in a different location. This help is offered to allow the employee to make the move to a new location without struggling financially as a result. As well as assisting with costs, an employer might help the employee integrate into a new community, by placing the employee’s children in good schools, for example.

What Is a Relocation Package?

A relocation package consists of all the assistance offered to an employee by their employer to address the cost and upheaval of moving location to take up a new post. Companies often have a standard relocation package that they offer to all employees taking up relocation jobs. Alternatively, a specific location package may be crafted to meet the needs of an individual employee. If an employee’s skill set is highly sought after, they may be able to influence the contents of their package as an incentive to take up the position.

What Is Included in a Relocation Package?

Employers may include some or all of the following in their relocation packages:

  • Funds to cover the cost of travel for the employee and their immediate family
  • Funds to cover the cost of temporary accommodation in the new location
  • Help with expenses involved in selling the employee’s former property
  • Help finding a new property in the new location
  • Funds to cover legal costs and estate agency costs involved in purchasing a new home
  • Assistance with immigration and visas for the employee and their immediate family
  • Assistance with shipping possessions and shipping costs*
  • Help finding school places for the employee’s children
  • Help finding a job for the employee’s spouse
  • Language lessons
  • Orientation in new location
  • Help with tax and social security compliance.

* Send My Bag provides shipping around the world to help with your relocation. Send My Bag collects your possessions from your current location, in either suitcases or boxes, and delivers them to the door of your new home or temporary accommodation. It is the cost effective way to move your possessions around the world, with excellent rates for a massive 30 kg per suitcase/box.

An employee is either offered a lump sum to cover their relocation expenses, or they are able to claim back any money they have spent on relocation.

Negotiating a Relocation Package

You may be able to negotiate a relocation package that best suits your needs, if you suitably demonstrate your need for particular types of assistance. In order to make a good case for your requirements, make sure you do your research and forecast how much it will cost you to relocate successfully. If you provide written evidence of this and don’t make unreasonable demands, your employer should take your requests seriously.

Of course, if you possess a unique set of skills that not many other people can offer the company, you are in a better position to negotiate. You are in an even better position if you also have a job offer from another company. You can ask for something more than the other company is offering you in order to get an excellent relocation package. Just don’t be too greedy or you will put off both potential employers.

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