Study for a Degree in Spain

Sunday, 28 Aug 2016

Study in Spain

If you choose to study in Spain, you can enjoy the year-round mild climate and sunny weather, and immerse yourself in rich Spanish culture. Read on to find out about your eligibility to study in Spain, how to apply for a course and what you might be expected to pay.

Am I Eligible?

Competition for university places in Spain is very high – not surprising given all that Spain has to offer. However, you can rest assured that as an EU student your application will be considered on the same basis as applications from Spanish nationals.

To study at a Spanish university you need to have a certificate of post-16 secondary education. The grades required depend on the course. You may need to take further assessment to get onto more competitive courses.

If taking a course taught in Spanish, you need to prove your proficiency in the language.

There are, however, a number of courses given in English.

How to Apply

To apply to study at a Spanish university, you should go through the Spanish National University for Distance Education (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia – UNED).

You can fill in an application form found at their website, which you should then post to their offices, along with a number of additional documents. Applications tend to open by around April. You will receive the results of your application within 3 months.

How Much Does it Cost?

Compared with the UK, the tuition fees at Spanish universities are very low. They are normally under £1000 for a year at public universities. The cost of living in Spain is also generally cheaper than in the UK.

What Funding Is Available?

There are a limited number of scholarships available for non-Spanish students. These tend to be advertised online.

To fund your studies, you could take up part-time work, for which you are not required to seek permission. You could work with English-speaking tourists in your region, or teach English to Spanish locals. Of course, if you also have good knowledge of Spanish, the jobs open to you will be more numerous.

You can easily and quickly set up home in Spain if you decide to study there by shipping all your things to Spain with Send My Bag. Read our destination pages to learn more about shipping to Spain. You can also visit our student shipping page to find about more about student removals and how to receive your student discount. Take a look at our study abroad packing list so you don't miss out any travel essentials from your suitcase.

Why not just spend part of your degree in Spain by taking part in the Erasmus+ scheme or by working as a language assistant?

If you don't want to study in Spain, why not look into the possibility of studying in France or Germany? Or how about taking your degree course at a European university that teaches in English?

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