Top 10 Adventure Holidays for After Lockdown

Thursday, 21 Jan 2021

Top 10 Adventure Holidays for After Lockdown

Here at Send My Bag, we know travel is difficult right now. In addition to some international borders closing completely, a large majority of countries have mandatory quarantine periods for all arrivals. Let’s face it, you might not want to travel right now even if you could.

The thing is, after spending much of 2020 and the start of 2021 in lockdown – we’re ready to have an adventure. 

Restrictions remain strict for now with domestic travel even off the cards but when countries open and lockdown ends, you’ll need some inspiration of where to take yourself off to. 

With this blog, we aim to inform you of the best adventure trips you can experience in destinations across the globe in the hopefully not too distant future. These are all trips of a lifetime and now is the time to start dreaming and planning.

1. Adrenaline Packed Costa Rica

Also featuring on our list of sustainable destinations, Costa Rica is buzzing with adrenaline fuelled activities. You can even trek around the base of the island’s most active volcano: Arenal. 

Zip-line your way through the forest canopy and encounter some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet.

In your downtime from these more daring activities, try paddle boarding on one of the many golden beaches or take a horse ride at sunset.

2. The Sweeping Dunes of Empty Quarter, Abu Dhabi

The Rub’ al Khali, otherwise known as The Empty Quarter, is the largest uninterrupted sand mass in the world.

Silence reigns supreme in this land with renowned explorer Sir Wilfred Thesiger once describing his experience, “It was very still, with the silence which we have driven from our world”.

Fine golden and red sands shift with the winds to form dunes hundreds of feet high, visible as far as the eye can see. 

The world’s tallest sand dune, Tel Moreeb, meaning Terrifying Mountain is over 300 metres high and features a 50° incline – perfect for 4x4 enthusiasts with experienced drivers competing in the Moreeb Hill Climb event in the winter. Stand dune-side and you’ll catch some perfect shots for Instagram. 

3. South Africa’s Wild & Breath-taking Western Cape

South Africa’s Western Cape is a breath-taking concoction of crashing ocean and vast wilderness.

A road trip along the West Coast allows for stays at some of the country’s best accommodations and an extended stay in Cape Town is highly recommended.

Just off the coast sits Robben Island, a hotspot for seabird biodiversity, including African penguins. Ninety percent of the penguin population on the island has sadly disappeared over the past 100 years but around 3,800 still remain. A visit to the island gives you the opportunity to help conserve the species. 

Experience scenic mountain drives as you pass through the Cederberg Wildness Area, approximately 300 km north of Cape Town. At this pristine wildlife spot, you’ll also be able to enjoy a swim in the natural rock-pools or embark on one of the endless walking trails.

The region is also known for its agricultural prowess with countless vineyards producing some of the most stellar wine.

4. The Clearest Skies in the World in Chile

After almost a full year of lockdowns wherein we’re using more technology than ever before, we’d say it’s time to get away from all that and the Atacama Desert in Chile is the perfect option.

Featuring the vast immensity of most desert landscapes, the Atacama Desert is also said to have the clearest skies on earth and walking on the pale red and dusty sand at night feels and looks like you’re on Mars.

Camping here is sure to be a stargazing experience to never forget and when you awaken, you’ll be able to bask in thermal pools, watch geysers explode, and handle meteorites at the museum in San Pedro. A collection supported by the likes of NASA and the University of Central Los Angeles.

5. The Mystical Mekong River

Cruising the majestic Mekong River, which has estimated length of 4,350 km, will be an Asian journey like no other. 

While much is known about the history of Vietnam and Cambodia, so much remains to be discovered. This majestic cruise journey will transport you thousands of years into the past as you feast your eyes upon crumbling temples and hilltop jungles.

Take in the lost temples of Angkor Wat, the horrifying history of the last century, and continue all the way to high-octane Ho Chi Minh City. 

It promises to be one wild ride.

6. Island Paradise in Greece

Lockdown has provided ample opportunity to learn something new and if you took up sailing, Greece could the adventure you’re searching for. 

The bright blue skies and warm Mediterranean waters around Greece’s paradise islands provides the perfect environment in which to further develop your yachting skills.

You can even take a Royal Yachting Association course while on holiday, allowing you to bring home an ICC qualification that shows everyone how strong a sailor you’ve become. 

Island-hopping hits a whole new level when you’re the one in control of the boat.

7. Explosive Stromboli, Italy

Travel can’t get much more daringly adventurous than climbing an active volcano.

Stromboli, sitting off the coast of Sicily in the Tyrrhenian Sea allows you to scratch that bold itch.

One of the most active and volatile volcanoes on the planet, Stromboli nevertheless has plenty of tours. Most of these begin in the later afternoon meaning sunset is already starting by the time you reach the peak. 

After watching the sun disappear, you’ll be stunned when the biggest natural firework display comes in the form of magma explosions from the volcano. 

Be sure to stand back. 

8. Ancient Jordan

Petra, the remains of an ancient city sewn into the sides of giant pink sandstone, is a much-known travellers bucket list destination. Especially for the history buffs among us. 

Otherwise known as the ‘Lost City’, Petra is without question the highlight of any visit to Jordan. However, this ancient Middle Eastern land has many other temptations from being budget-friendly to camel rides, snorkelling around the Red Sea, donkey-led hiking through nature reserves… you get the picture. 

Jordan sure has plenty to keep an adventure seeker occupied.

9. Europe’s Best Surf in Peniche, Portugal

Peniche in Portugal almost always has an offshore wind, making it one of the most reliable and enjoyable surf spots in Europe. 

Some of the most avid surfers in the world visit Supertubos, a now world-famous beach, every October to take part in the World Surf League. The waves are at the strongest during this time as countless YouTube videos show. 

Those just starting off with surfing are recommended to visit Peniche during the summer when the waves are tamer. During your visit you’ll notice many surf schools and camps where you’ll be able to learn from the professionals.

10. Expansive Canada

Canada is most adventure lover’s mecca thanks to its expansive wilderness.

The Canadian Rockies in particular provide the archetypal adventure experience and one of the best ways to traverse this landscape is by rail. The Rocky Mountaineer Railroad has become the classic way to travel the Canadian west, from Calgary to Vancouver.

On this awe-inspiring train journey, you’ll fly through the highest peaks in the Canadian Rockies and while some may want to be climbing the peaks themselves, it sure is nice to sit back and marvel at their majesty. 

We hope you found this list informative and inspiring. Remember to check the latest government guidance before your travel and take necessary precautions. 

You can also ship luggage or adventure gear to any of the above destinations in advance of your visit.

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