Personal Effects Shipping

Personal effects shipping involves sending personal belongings across country or internationally. Typically travellers send their possessions ahead to a destination they are also travelling to. Or, a shipment might be sent to someone already living abroad.

What are Personal Effects?

Personal effects are typically viewed as used items that have been in a person’s possession for at least 6 months. Most countries offer a generous duty-free allowance on personal effects, which means your personal effects shipment will not normally be stopped by customs.

Shipping Personal Effects with Send My Bag

Having your personal effects with you at your destination is an enormous help, especially when moving abroad or travelling away to university or college for the first time. There is nothing like having your beloved personal belongings with you to make you feel at home.

Send My Bag are experts in personal effects shipping. We have been shipping personal effects for over 12 years and know how to take care of your belongings. Our booking process will guide you through the process of preparing your personal effects for shipping, and our customer service team is here to help with any queries you may have.

We offer door-to-door personal effects and luggage shipping, so all you have to do is pack up your things and let us do the heavy lifting, while you enjoy a luggage-free journey.

Send My Bag customers can send items weighing up to 30 kg each and you will be surprised how affordable it is to ship your personal effects. Get your instant quote now!

Don’t forget you can track your items every step of the way using our app, giving you peace of mind that your belongings are safe and on track.

Tips for Shipping Personal Effects

  • When sending personal effects internationally and outside of the EU, you will need to complete a packing list, which is a breakdown of the contents of your shipment. Please fill this out in a non-generic way – so write ‘4 x Woollen Jumper, 2 x Denim Jeans’, etc., rather than ‘Used Clothing’.
  • If sending fragile items, pack these very securely using clothing as padding. Note that Send My Bag’s complimentary cover does not apply to fragile items.
  • Also make sure you don’t pack any prohibited items among your personal effects, such as aerosols or alcohol. See our FAQs for further details.
  • Choose an appropriate container for your shipment, whether a sturdy suitcase, double-walled box or holdall, and reinforce these containers as much as possible.
  • Attach all labels securely, ideally using Send My bag label holders.
  • As customs processes vary by country, it is important that you consult your country’s destination page for detailed information about what you can and can’t send to that country.
  • Watch our video on preparing your shipment for more information.
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