Norwegian Air Start Charging for Hand Luggage

Thursday, 23 January 2020
Norwegian Air Start Charging for Hand Luggage

Norwegian Air will now charge LowFare customers to bring hand luggage on board which needs to be stored in an overhead bin. The change came into effect on 23rd January 2020 and will apply to all bookings made after this date.


The new charge is similar to changes made by Ryanair in August 2018 and Wizz Air in November 2018.


All LowFare customers will now need to pay between £5-£9 each way or upgrade to a more expensive ticket type. Passengers will still be able to bring a small bag free of charge if it fits beneath the seat in front. To facilitate this change, Norwegian has increased the size of under seat baggage.


The airline has also increased their checked baggage allowance from 20–23 kgs.


Tired of airlines introducing baggage fees? You can avoid them altogether and send your luggage ahead. This means you can bring as much as you like whilst still travelling luggage-free. 

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