Stage 2 coronavirus shutdown in Australia

Wednesday, 25 March 2020
Stage 2 coronavirus shutdown in Australia

Global response to the Coronavirus pandemic continues with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison becoming the latest world leader to introduce new measures to protect citizens in Australia.


On Tuesday evening, Scott Morrison outline a new set of restrictions for business and individuals which will be enforced from Wednesday evening. The Department of Foreign Affairs have previously urged all Australian citizens to return home.


 Non-essential businesses, personal services, indoor and outdoor markets, gyms and cinemas are included in the new list of shutdown measures. Overseas travel is also prohibited with the exception of aid workers and compassionate travel.


The updated list still allows for hairdressers to operate but must enforce social distancing. Weddings and funerals are also allowed to take place, but attendee restrictions are in place. Interestingly citizens are not prohibited from visiting friends and family as long as these are limited to a small group of people. Shopping centres, medical centre and pharmacies remain open.


The government advise that it is still safe to send children to school until the end of term but will allow for some pupil-free days to plan for distance learning.


A full list of the new restrictions can be found on the Australian government website.


The lockdown measures now in place are similar to those put in place by the UK government who also advised British travellers to return to the UK.


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