WOW Air Collapse Causes Travel Chaos

Friday, 29 March 2019
WOW Air Collapse Causes Travel Chaos

Chaos is mounting in the wake of WOW Air’s collapse, leaving tens of thousands of passengers stranded, agitated and anxiously searching for what do to next. Flights were already being delayed and cancelled at the beginning of the week because of the heavy debt that the airline was struggling with, but after failed attempts to save the airline, operations came to a halt today.

A cancelled acquisition bid by Indigo Partners led to further talks with Icelandair who had previously signed a purchase agreement for WOW Air before cancelling it only weeks after, in November 2018. The following statement has since been posted on the WOW Air website: Icelandair Group has decided that its possible involvement in Wow Air’s operations, as announced on 20 March 2019, will not materialize. Therefore, all discussions between the parties have been cancelled.”

Passengers have been reportedly left stranded in Europe and the U.S. Cancelled routes include Detroit to Dublin and Dublin to Keflavík.

Rescue options are being offered to stranded passengers for the routes the airline covers, including “rescue fares” from the Irish airline Aer Lingus. These are available to customers whose flights were booked with WOW Air before and up to April 11. Eligibility for passenger refunds is said to depend on the booking method used; passengers should be eligible if they have booked by credit card, or through a European Travel Agent. Compensation from WOW Air may also be available in line with Air Passenger Rights.

It seems as though nothing is certain in the air travel industry at the moment. The travel confusion caused by the collapse of WOW Air comes on the heels of similar chaos brought about by Ryanair and Wizz Air’s changes to their hand luggage allowances in November. What is for certain, however, is that Send My Bag can take at least some of the hassle out of air travel by shipping your luggage to your destination, whether you are travelling to a hotel, moving abroad, or choosing to study at a university overseas. Get your quick quote now!

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